The Reason Andrew Zimmern Prefers Bone-In Steaks For The Grill

Red meat that takes your taste buds on a joy ride, as perfectly cooked beef steak always delivers tenderness and rich mouthfeel, shouldn't have people debating whether the bone in the steak matters, right? Not really. We'll be the first to admit that we don't know nearly as much about making an impeccable, juicy steak as a highly acclaimed chef. Naturally, we seek guidance from the pundits of the culinary world, as they share their take on the bone-in or boneless steak debate. While a majority of chefs and steak traditionalists believe that bone-in steak is the right way to cook, others say it doesn't make any difference.

And when Andrew Zimmern, a four-time James Beard award-winning TV personality and chef, shares his two cents on the matter, we listen closely. The Travel Channel star is considered one of the food world's most legendary personalities. The creator and host of the "Bizarre Foods" franchise prefers bone-in steak for the grill and highly recommends such cuts. He's been vocal about the way people make and eat steak. For instance, he told Business Insider that "the big mistake people make is eating their grilled beef hot. I prefer room temperature or cool. When the meat rests and starts to get cool, all of that fat goes back into the muscles and becomes much more tender". 

So, why is Zimmern an advocate of bone-in steak on the grill, and should you follow his golden rule?  

Bone-in steak 'imparts more flavor'

Although we've seen how bone broth has become all the rage, people are somewhat hesitant when it comes to eating bone-in meat. The same goes for bone-in steaks, too. While cooking bone-in steak can seem a bit intricate (even intimidating), it truly isn't. Ask Andrew Zimmern and he'll tell you that bone-in steak tastes better than its boneless counterparts, and there's no need for a special cooking method. 

Zimmern shared some useful tips for grilling steak on his site. The celebrity chef wrote, "When deciding what cut to buy, remember that cooking meat on the bone always imparts more flavor." He continued, offering insight into why you should consider it. He said, "the flavor of the roasting bones penetrates the flesh in a way that adds immeasurable benefit to your food, plus it enables you to go a little slower and develop more char." Zimmern also suggested letting the steak sit at room temperature before grilling to ensure you get the best color and texture. He recommended using natural hardwood charcoal since it burns hotter (super handy when you're searing meat) and leaves little ash compared to compressed briquettes. When a cooking genius with such vast culinary knowledge imparts his wisdom, you have to try it at least once.  

And when it comes to grilling a perfect steak, Zimmern's recommends keeping the meat moving. Once you have a perfectly grilled bone-in steak, don't forget to rest it