The Truth About Dawn From Great British Bake Off Season 13

The "Great British Bake Off" is known above all else for incredible baked goods, low-key drama, and memorable personalities. But more than anything, it's an homage to the subtly competitive spirit that the British are so known for. Since its premiere in 2010, a dozen amateur bakers from around Great Britain have been selected each season to compete on the reality show, showcasing both traditional and innovative bread and pastry chops to food enthusiasts around the world.

The Ringer points out that the oft-wholesome show is the antithesis of so much reality programming out there. "Real Housewives," it is not. Instead, "GBBO" features lovable, everyday people who just really enjoy baking and want to "have a go" at it, as the Brits say. For example, former contestant Tamal Ray immediately called his mother after he won the coveted prize of Star Baker during his reign on the show. Then, there's the delightful vibe that has earned Jane Beedle repeat invitations to spinoff shows like the "Great Christmas Bake Off." The chipper Beedle remains beloved by the GBBO faithful, many of whom tune in on the regular to her podcast based on the series.

Now that GBBO Season 13 is set to drop, fans may be beaming not only in anticipation of the baked goods, but also of the forthcoming cast. Who will fans be inspired to root for this time around?

A primer on Dawn from the upcoming season of Great British Bake Off

GBBO Season 13's Dawn is an artist in many pursuits, but especially in the kitchen. According to the show's website, many of the IT manager by day's talents and characteristics — such as her detail-oriented personality and "steady hand" — lend themselves to elaborate projects in the kitchen, like the "lace pattern" on British-style biscuits.

Dawn's creative nature also makes her a natural at "illusion cakes," which GBBO lore — much in the vein of "Is It Cake?" — defines as a cake that doesn't look like a cake at all, says GoodtoKnow. No doubt that these show-stopping creations and other confections will include some of Dawn's preferred flavors, which include nuts, caramel, and lemon.

At age 60, Dawn is the most mature member of the Season 13 cast, a fact that could positively impact her odds in the kitchen. After all, she has more life experience than any of the other contestants, having honed her craft over the years. In personal terms, Dawn is a mother of three and step-mother of two. She also has four grandchildren and currently resides with her partner, Trevor. Dawn seems to have lots of fans back home in Bedfordshire, England, many of whom took to a Facebook post about this season's contestants to wish her luck. As the British would say, Dawn's odds seem "lovely."