The Costco Watermelon Vandalism That Stumped Reddit

Most of us cannot think about Costco without all the free food samples spread throughout the store entering into our minds. Let's be real. Samples are half the reason most of us go to Costco anyway, right? According to Reader's Digest, Saturdays and Sundays — between the hours of 1 and 2 p.m. — are the best times to hit up Costco for free samples (or Mondays and Tuesdays, if you would rather avoid the crowds). Tack on the fact that you can have as many samples as you would like, and life is a dream.

However, it is worth noting that samples are distributed by someone. It is probably not a good idea to go walking around your local Costco, tearing into random boxes on your own to sample the Almond Flour Crackers, regardless of how good they are. We are not saying that this actually happens, but someone did recently take a chunk out of a Costco watermelon. Reddit's main theory as to why ties into sampling. 

Who's taking watermelon core samples at Costco?

A strange Costco occurrence had Reddit users scratching their heads after someone posted a photo of a watermelon at Costco with a chunk taken right out of the middle of it. The caption read: "I guess whoever did it wanted a sample..."

Others quickly jumped on the thread with their own jokes. One person wrote, "I've been screwed by the last two watermelons from Costco. Wish I could've taken a core sample to verify!" Another Redditor suggested a creative idea: "Pour a bottle of vodka in that." Before you get started on your vodka-spiked watermelon recipe though, you should probably take your purchased watermelon home first.

Of course, not everyone was amused, as several Redditors provided perfectly logical explanations for the vandalized watermelon. According to an experienced watermelon seller -– yes, that is a thing -– it is not at all unusual for people to check a watermelon's ripeness by stabbing it, even though there are plenty of less damaging ways to tell if a watermelon is good.

Another user said the chunk is taken out by the store itself, showcasing to customers that the watermelon is "ripe and ready." That seems like a reasonable answer, but the idea of watermelon vandalism and core sampling is much funnier.