Martha Stewart Wears Nothing But An Apron For A Steamy Coffee Ad

Martha Stewart has always been a little controversial and has marched to the beat of her own drum. The icon in both the TV and cooking world was sent to prison for multiple crimes in 2004, relating to a financial decision she made about a company called ImClone, in which she owned several stocks (via Chicago Tribune). Stewart has even had her fair share of issues with other celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Ina Garten, and Rachael Ray.

Aside from her feuds and financial woes, Stewart has been linked to many unexpected headlines. This includes her recent show and subsequent collaborations with Snoop Dog (per Billboard). Recently, she's even been pointed to as the potential new partner of Pete Davidson, a rumor she disputed by mentioning that he is like a son to her, as per Style Caster. But despite the unpredicted headlines, Stewart's projects never cease to surprise fans and followers, including her latest ad in which she wears nothing but an apron.

The recent coffee ad

Clearly, Martha Stewart is not one to shy away from the seemingly out of place, so her recent Instagram post may not have been much of a shock to some fans but others certainly took notice. For a recent coffee ad campaign, People Magazine was one of many to catch that Stewart was found stripped down to her skivvies, wearing nothing but an apron to promote Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' new fall coffee pods. With the coffee company's new fall product made of nothing but natural ingredients, Stewart stripped down to match it.

When questioned by People, Stewart brought up her past modeling job as the reason she didn't feel self-conscious about getting naked for the ad. In the post's caption, Stewart went on to encourage fans to join her fall natural collab with Green Mountain, telling fans in her video that she and the stripped coffee "have a lot in common." She's not wrong there.