The Surprisingly Relatable Way Queen Elizabeth Stored Food

When someone lives in a grand palace and wears jewels of the kind most of us are not likely to wear — never mind touch — in our lifetimes, we're also likely to see them as too posh to live life the way we do. 

But as International Business Times tells us, Queen Elizabeth II could be as relatable as it gets, particularly where the queen's breakfast cereal storage preferences were concerned. The publication revealed that the monarch liked getting up in the morning to a pot of Earl Grey tea with biscuits, and then breakfast with Prince Philip where she partook of Special K and fruit — the former stored in a plastic yellow Tupperware — because she had thought that it preserved the freshness.

The publication added that the Tupperware was brought directly to the queen, at which point she would serve it into a bowl. She would sometimes forgo her standard breakfast and eat smoked salmon along with truffles and scrambled eggs. Toast with marmalade was another common option. While we do know what the queen liked to eat and how it was stored, she likely had more specific preferences about her containers.

The Queen had a preference for yellow Tupperware boxes

The queen's preference for her yellow Tupperware (via International Business Times) appears to be where her relatability when it came to her meal preferences ended, because as The Guardian reports, the staff had clear instructions on how her breakfast table was to be laid out — a "detailed plan" showing where every piece of crockery, cutlery, condiment belonged — and we're guessing her yellow Tupperware with Special K had a special place too.

The assignments were equally detailed; for example, there was one maid to decant coffee into a silver jug, another member of staff to take the coffee to a page, who served it to Queen Elizabeth II. So while we know the make and color of the Queen's preferred plastic box, we're still in the dark about the shape and size of her favored Tupperware, or even how her staff managed to get hold of the containers. And unless someone spills the beans now, we'll never know.