The Aldi Pancakes That Are Causing A Welcomed Stir On Instagram

When it comes to breakfast — or breakfast for dinner — pancakes are an obvious choice. They're super easy to make, they're light and fluffy, and there's no end to the toppings you can put on your pancakes. You can, of course, go with the classic butter and maple syrup, but you can also top your pancakes with fruit, chocolate, or whipped cream. The possibilities are endless.

Even better, countless brands have made pancake enjoyment easier still with pre-made pancakes. Per Wide Open Eats, five of the best pre-made pancake brands are Kodiak, HEB Organics, Eggo, De Wafelbakkers, and Good Food Made Simple.

Coincidentally, Good Food Made Simple's pancakes have recently gone viral on Instagram, particularly among the Aldi community. What exactly is it about a pancake that makes it go viral? Well, in the case of Good Food Made Simple, it comes down to the puff, and these pancakes certainly aren't lacking in that department.

Instagram can't get enough of Aldi's pancake puffs

Aldi shoppers had some pretty strong pancake cravings after the popular Instagram account @adventuresinaldi posted about the Good Food Made Simple pancake puffs. The caption further hyped up the crowd, saying, "I love a good pancake and I feel like the puff version will be amazing!" The account owner also noted that they found the pancake puffs in the Aldi Finds frozen section.

Needless to say, Aldi lovers couldn't wait to get their hands on the puffs. Those who had already tried the pancakes shared their thoughts. One person wrote, "I picked these up this past weekend and they are very yummy! Very light and fluffy. I put mine in the toaster oven." Someone else said they had the pancake puffs with honey.

Others expressed how much they love the puffs, with one saying, "Love the concept," and another commenting, "I hope they never get rid of them." Clearly, Instagram is adding these pancake puffs to the list of Aldi foods you need to try before you die