Why You Should Never Buy Kraft Mac & Cheese From Dollar Tree

Yes please to some mac and cheese! We can picture it now: Taking out that classic Kraft Macaroni & Cheese box from the pantry and seeing it transform into its cheesy delicious goodness on the stove in just 10 minutes. And if you're like us, then you've probably been doing this for quite some time now, dating back to your childhood. Kraft Original Mac and Cheese even ranked #11 on our list of worst to best mac and cheese brands due to its classic, easy, and cheap cheesy noodles. We'll always have a soft spot for that little blue box.

With rising prices in every sector of consumerism (via The Wall Street Journal), you might even be finding yourself eating more Kraft Macaroni and Cheese than usual to help balance out your grocery budget. Here's where Dollar Tree usually comes to the rescue with its conveniently cheap items. From toiletries to food, you can often find amazing deals on just about anything at the grocery store. While that little blue box is indeed stocked on Dollar Tree's shelves, you may want to think twice about purchasing the cheesy noodles there.

Kraft mac & cheese is more expensive at Dollar Tree

According to MarketWatch, it seems that Dollar Tree's dollar status isn't quite as reliable as it used to be. While most of the store's inventory was once only one dollar now costs $1.25 due to the store's "transformation plan" of offering a wider range of items. In other words, Dollar Tree is no longer selling most of its merchandise for one dollar.

We know this may be hard to believe, but you're actually spending more money buying one package of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese at Dollar Tree than at most other grocery stores. According to Yahoo, a 7.25-ounce box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese costs $1.25 at Dollar Tree but a respective $1 at Walmart. This may not seem like a big difference to you, but when considering buying in bulk and multiple boxes at a time, then that 25 cents difference does add up quite a bit.