The Pioneer Woman Pasta Dish So Easy You'll Barely Have To Move

Ree Drummond is a wife, mother, food blogger, cookbook author, lifestyle entrepreneur, and host of one of TV's favorite down-home cooking shows, "The Pioneer Woman." The former city slicker is now the most famous resident of Pawhuska, Oklahoma — so well known that Travel Oklahoma has designed a Pioneer Woman road trip for her legions of adoring fans.

Drummond is a busy woman with a hungry rancher husband and kids to feed (when they're home), and her recipes are mostly uncomplicated. You're not going to confuse her with, say, Julia Child and the multiple-pages-long explanations from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” Instead, the Pioneer Woman is known for recipes that don't require a lot of fuss and get meals on the table in a snap. Nevertheless, Drummond did just make a dish on "The Pioneer Woman” that left her all tuckered out — or so she said, jokingly. She created her own version of the TikTok-famous baked feta pasta recipe, with a few substitutions and additions to make it her own.

Drummond's baked goat cheese pasta is 'so easy to make'

The Pioneer Woman calls her version of the internet-darling recipe "baked goat cheese pasta." If you can stroll over to your oven a time or two after assembling some ingredients in a baking dish, you can make it, too.

The Food Network shared a step-by-step recipe video of the dish from "The Pioneer Woman" on Twitter, saying it "more than delivered on an easy, cheesy pasta dinner.”  Drummond starts by crowding a bunch of whole cherry tomatoes into a baking dish. She glazes them with olive oil and adds many of the same aromatics, herbs, and spices used by the thousands of TikTokers who have tried the viral technique; "Baked Feta Pasta Recipe" currently has nearly 270 million views on the platform. Drummond's version departs from the original by substituting goat cheese for feta, which is baked with the tomatoes until hot and melted. Her full recipe, available on the Food Network website, also includes a few dollops of pesto.

"This is so easy to make, can you believe that?” Drummond says to her camera crew after happily sampling the pasta. "The hardest thing was just walking over to the oven twice,” she adds with a chuckle. "I am exhausted from that combination of journeys.”