How To Recreate Dunkin's Discontinued Almond Joy Flavor

If you love chocolate, coconut, and almonds, you are surely familiar with Almond Joy and probably cannot resist grabbing one at the supermarket checkout when it catches your eye. It's an iconic American candy bar, along with its cousin Mounds (dark chocolate and coconut, no nuts). The Mounds bar may have come first, according to Hersheyland, but Almond Joy, created in 1948, rode its popularity over the years to be one of the top 25 best-selling candy bars in the world, per Candy Retailer.

Those who love coffee — in addition to the flavorful threesome of chocolate, coconut, and almond — were overjoyed when Dunkin' introduced Almond Joy-flavored beverages several years ago (per PR Newswire). That sip-worthy flavor bomb only existed for a limited time, and, according to some Reddit discourse, fans still miss it to this day. But it seems there is a way to recreate the Almond Joy taste that Dunkin' buried in the flavor graveyard — several ways, in fact.

Flavor shots are the answer to Almond Joy-like bliss

A thread on the r/DunkinDonuts subreddit uncovered some workarounds for this gone-but-not-forgotten Dunkin' flavor. "I want the Almond Joy flavor back. It's been YEARS,” the conversation began. "The closest we've come was when the toasted coconut flavor was around — I could mix with mocha to make a similar taste.” One Redditor, who appears to work at a Dunkin' location, replied that, when customers ask for Almond Joy, they add a mix of mocha, toasted almond, and coconut flavor shots — about one-half mocha for each full shot of almond and coconut. "I've had no complaints, nor has anyone seemed to really notice! So you can give that a go!”

Another commenter pointed out that an Almond Joy creamer is available at grocery stores. Coffee creamer purveyor International Delights also lists the coffee enhancer on its website, but reviewers there report that it can be extremely hard to locate. "I have looked at EVERY store around my house; I've even driven 45 minutes to other stores, and I cannot find my Almond Joy Creamer!” noted one.

Worry not — you can always make your own. Food blogger Shugary Sweets has a recipe for a DIY Almond Joy creamer that is made with coconut extract, almond extract, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, and milk.