The Remarkable Starbucks Spill That Reddit Is Calling Art

Accidents happen — we all know this. When it comes to Starbucks, these mishaps usually fall somewhere along the lines of messing up an order, misspelling a customer's name, and spilling drink ingredients everywhere. We cannot stress this enough: Everywhere.

According to one unfortunate barista's Reddit post, they once spilled eight different drinks over the course of a single shift. In addition to a few of the drinks being scalding hot — causing burns on the employee's arms — four of the drinks sent sticky little berries flying everywhere. The barista noted that these were "so fun to pick up off the floor in the middle of a rush," particularly the berries from a spilled Dragon Fruit Refresher. There's also the barista who spilled hot water during a shift and alleges that she was made to keep working after burning herself (via Entrepreneur).

But even though these spills can be frustrating and inconvenient to clean up, we can still try to look on the bright side. A Reddit thread did exactly that after another exasperated barista posted a photo of their artsy spill.

Reddit loves the 'duality' of a spilled Starbucks drink

A Starbucks barista recently wrote on Reddit that their day was "going fine" and shared a photo of a rather spectacular spill. By the looks of it, the spill seems to include three pitchers of cold brew, a jug of apple juice, and a huge container of half-and-half. All in all, a pretty big mess.

However, other Redditors had plenty of positive things to say about the spill. A couple of people jokingly created names for the mess, including "floor macchiato," "unicorn crime scene Frappuccino," and "apple cream cold brew." Those could fit on the Starbucks menu, right? Another person said they would drink it right off the floor, with the addition of "15 pumps of white mocha and extra strawberry fruit inclusion with cinnamon powder."

Someone else provided a museum-worthy description, saying the spill "represents the duality of the barista." According to this art enthusiast, the art shows "the silhouette of a barista raising their arms in celebration ... the barista dispensing ibuprofen into their mouth through the approved Starbucks conveyance method — or about to torch the place with a Zippo." Yeah, probably the Zippo. And who can blame them?