José Andrés Wants You To Know About Rachael Ray's Humanitarianism

If there is one chef the food world recognizes most for his humanitarian efforts, it is José Andrés. The iconic chef's most extensive effort is World Central Kitchen, a charity that he founded in 2010 to facilitate chefs feeding the hungry. According to its website, the organization prides itself on being "first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises."

Since the organization's establishment, Andrés and the WCK teams have served food to those affected by such tragedies as the incredibly devastating tornadoes in Kentucky (via Instagram). The organization also provided aid to Ukrainian refugees (via Twitter). His efforts with World Central Kitchen have even had success in eliciting the help of celebrities like Jeff Bezos and well-known chefs like Marc Murphy, who helped cook and fundraise for WCK (via Instagram). But one less lauded celeb cook who is also helping out is Rachael Ray, Andrés recently pointed out in a YouTube video.

Changing lives, one charity at a time

Rachael Ray is not a stranger to charity. She has been known to get involved in various charitable efforts like donating a portion of the proceeds made from her Nutrish line of pet food to animals in need, per The Rachael Ray Foundation. Those who watch her show may also know that all extra food is donated to City Harvest (per Yahoo! Movies), which is "New York City's largest food rescue organization."

But it seems her efforts go beyond these and expand to World Central Kitchen as well, through monetary donations and more. In a YouTube video depicting a recent interview with Ray, José Andrés called out the efforts Ray makes with WCK that are not as widely publicized, noting that Ray and her husband, John Cusimano, jumped in to help prep food that was brought to refugees in Ukraine. Andrés thanked Ray for "not only supporting behind, but also showing up." Way to go chefs!