The Unusual Food Rule Coming To Starbucks

According to Good Housekeeping, the average person in the U.S. eats six different convenience foods every day. That's because many adults have busy schedules, which depend largely on factors like their careers, families, and finances, the USDA reported. Existing businesses, like Starbucks, have embraced the value of on-the-go food options in recent years, per Food Business News, adding prepackaged, already-made items that are easy to eat.

Data from a Statista analysis showed that Starbucks' food sales generated $5.05 billion in revenue in 2021. That may seem like a lot, but beverages on their own generated about $18.32 billion. To increase food sales, the chain is trying to integrate more options for customers who may not necessarily sit down at a table to eat. While one can infer what some of those options may be — breakfast sandwiches and the like — the popular beverage chain abides by a specific rule when it comes to adding such menu items.

Starbucks single-handedly expands food options

Starbucks may not offer a five-course meal to customers who cruise through the drive-thru, but the food and beverage giant is attempting to satisfy their food needs in a much simpler way. According to Food Business News, Starbucks will focus on innovating foods that can be eaten with one hand on its menu going forward. Chief Marketing Officer Brady Brewer said, "That's what we've called it — one-handed meals — because often they (customers) have a phone in the other hand or maybe a steering wheel." Brewer also noted that breakfast sandwich sales alone had grown by 19% yearly.

Some of the items you might see popping up on the coffee chain's menu include options like salads, plant and egg-based products, and breakfast sandwiches you can eat on the go. This year, the company is on track to sell 300 million breakfast sandwiches and 100 million egg bites in the United States, per Food Business News.