Reddit Is Confused By The Way One British Supermarket Honored The Queen

A British supermarket in the United Kingdom has caused inconvenience and confusion to a Redditor in honor of the Queen.

In the wake of Britain's dearly beloved's departure, we become aware of just how much regard Britons had for Queen Elizabeth. The ensuing bank holidays, the flags at half mast, per Condé Nast Travel, and the throngs that are likely to turn up for the funeral procession are where we get the idea. The statistics: 76% of English citizens are upset by the queen's passing, and 85% of the population is feeling that she was good for their country, per YouGov.

Consequently, Monday, September 19, 2022 is not business as usual. The supermarket chains Aldis, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Tesco, and other organizations suspend their services on the day of their funeral, per Mirror. Because the official mourning period is between the day of the Queen's passing and her funeral, supermarkets are finding ways to pay tribute to her during this time too.

A British supermarket's way of honoring the Queen

Redditor encountered another level of tribute when shopping at a self-service Supermarket in the United Kingdom. "Being unable to tell when you have scanned something at the self-service because Morrisons turned off the "beep" noise to pay respects to Liz," they said of their experience on r/BritishProblems. Additionally, according to the post, they were rebuked when they suggested that customers were struggling without the telltale beep. 

Two days after the initial Reddit post, a spokesperson for the grocery chain told The National that the beeping noises from their product scanners were not off but turned down. A Morrison's representative also told Manchester Evening News that the PA and the music at their store were silenced, supposedly making loud beeping noises unnecessary. 

As Reddit chewed on the proverbial cud and the conversation took a few turns, some wondered if the company is using the Queen's passing as an excuse for quality issues, while the Redditor's original question: "Do you think Liz would be upset over a self-service beep," remains unanswered.