The Bizarre Way You Can Get Free Food From Long John Silver's

Let's face it, everyone loves free food. Social events, restaurant promotions, and those wonderful Costco samples are exquisite. We just can't get enough. Even if we have to do a little something to earn our free food — kind of like trick-or-treating, if you think about it — most of us will trip over ourselves getting in line.

Whereas some free food situations are available only while supplies last, some restaurant promotions are available to every eligible customer. Beautiful, right? One such free food offer is available at Long John Silver's, today only.

Although your choices for your free food item are limited, free is free. Besides, in addition to your free food item, you can still buy whatever else you'd like off the Long John Silver's menu. Coconut popcorn shrimp, tacos, hush puppies, yum. So what is it exactly that you have to do to get your hands on some free food of the fishy variety?

Some of the easiest free food you'll ever net

In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" — that's September 19, mateys — Long John Silver's is giving away free food. Oh, but not just to anyone. To claim your free food, you have to either talk like a pirate or dress like a pirate. According to Chew Boom, customers who talk like a pirate can claim a free piece of chicken or fish. Customers who dress like a pirate get a prize of a free two-piece chicken or fish basket.

The chain's Facebook announcement was met with mixed reviews, some people citing how Long John Silver's has been struggling over the last few years. Others commented things like, "The last time I tried this, the poor guy at the window had no idea what was happening." Still others thanked the chain for "continuing the tradition." One woman placed the event among her "favorite memories," as she and her granddaughters would always dress up as pirates to go to Long John Silver's. We love to see it.