The Disturbing Reason McDonald's Is Being Sued By A Customer

The history of people suing McDonald's over its coffee is somewhat infamous and now it has a new chapter. Whether a new lawsuit that names a McDonald's location as its defendant will result in a hefty pay out remains to be seen, but what seems certain is that coffee has again proven to be somewhat of a liability.

Many have heard the scandal of a 1992 lawsuit against McDonald's that involved a cup of coffee. According to Reader's Digest, a customer ordered a hot coffee and spilled it on herself, suffering severe burns as a result. The woman sued McDonald's and won, getting nearly $3 million as a result. As Dan Cox & Associates explain, among the ramifications of the lawsuit were a greater emphasis on warning labels on hot beverages and offering consumers carrying trays.

More recently, another woman has sued McDonald's over its coffee, but not because of the beverage's temperature. This complaint alleges a completely different issue.

Another McDonald's coffee lawsuit

In truth, the newest lawsuit against McDonald's isn't technically about coffee, but instead, what else might have been in a customer's cup. According to KTLA, a woman is suing the fast-food chain and claims the coffee she was served allegedly contained chemicals that the restaurant used to clean the machine that dispensed the coffee. According to the lawsuit, the woman says she was told coffee was not available due to the machine being cleaned, before hearing someone in the background say it's ready (per

The plaintiff in the lawsuit says after consuming the coffee, she sustained damage to her throat that might require surgery to correct. KTLA reports that the owner of the Alabama McDonald's franchise location is investigating the situation. Gerry Murphy, a McDonald's owner and operator, said in a statement, "The health and safety of our customers and employees is always a top priority. Immediately upon learning of this concern, we conducted a thorough investigation to understand the facts" (via

Whether this woman will try to convince a jury of the legitimacy of her allegations or reach a settlement with McDonald's, this claim will eventually reach a resolution of some kind.