A Subway Parody Account Fooled TikTok With A Fake Discount 'Hack'

If you're wanting to "eat fresh" while on the go, Subway has always branded itself as a healthy fast food option. In 100 countries, Subway garnered a reputation as the largest quick service restaurant, making the brand a global phenomenon (via Subway). By 2017, Subway even surpassed McDonald's and Starbucks for the number of its locations with around 44,000 restaurants (via CNBC). But while Subway had more presence, the iconic sandwich chain lagged behind in sales to its competition, leading to a number of restaurant closings starting in 2014.

While Subway used to feature its famous $5 footlong deal, Subway's falling sales led to the chain getting rid of the sub discount. Occasionally, Subway offers special promotions on select sandwiches, dropping the price to $4.99 (via Chew Boom). But these promotions are often limited-time events. Customers are always trying to find more ways to save a couple of extra bucks. But not every discount is as it appears, especially on the internet. That's why several Subway customers were fooled by a Subway TikTok parody account. 

TikTok fools Subway customers

A parody Subway TikTok account, named Soobway, fooled a number of potential Subway customers. The account introduced a new never heard of, totally fake, discount for his users to try next time in the restaurant. On TikTok, the anonymous user stood behind the Subway counter, outlining what customers need to do in order to score not one, not two, but three free cookies. He said, "You actually ask for your sub to be toasted before we do, and you're entitled to three free cookies. You can give this a shot and let me know."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, earning over 195,000 likes, 1,600 comments, and 5,200 shares. Many raised the question if the hack was true, calling out the discount for being fake. "This is a lie. I work at Subway, and people say toasted all the time before I ask and I don't give them free cookies," one commenter wrote. "Mmmm no I always tell them, and never once been offered it in a subway I've ever been," another TikTok commenter posted. 

Of course, once people started catching on to the fake discount hack, the parody account's creator commented, "This isn't real everyone. It's just for the memes." TikTok: 1. Subway: 0.