You Can Get A Free Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cone, But There's A Catch

We're on the eve of yet another food holiday, but unlike Bicarbonate of Soda Day or Noodle Ring Day (which are both real, actual things, according to National Day Calendar), this is one you'll definitely want to make sure to observe. Believe it or not, September 22 is National Ice Cream Cone Day. Not to be confused with July's National Ice Cream Day, today's holiday specifically honors the edible vessel the frozen dessert is often served in.

Being that ice cream is traditionally a summer sweet, you may be wondering, "why is National Ice Cream Cone Day celebrated on the first day of fall?" Good question, dear reader, and the answer lies in the story of Italo Marchiony, an Italian immigrant living in New York. According to CBS News, it was on September 22, 1903, that he moved to patent a "molding apparatus for forming ice cream cups," which eventually led to the creation of the ice cream cones we know today at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.

Still, some may be concerned about indulging in the subzero treat when colder weather is afoot. However, as Frozen Dessert Supplies points out, those chilly, autumnal temps mean your ice cream won't melt quite as fast. Additionally, the outlet notes that ice cream is also a source of vitamin D and can comfort the scratchy throat that many people experience during this time of year. Sold? Here's how to celebrate the holiday for free (kind of).

A $15 DoorDash order is your ticket to a free Blue Bunny ice cream cone

As reported by CNET, there are several ice cream brands doling out goodies at no charge in honor of National Ice Cream Cone Day this year, including Blue Bunny — though there's a bit of a catch that comes with your free dessert from the brand.

Per a press release sent to Mashed, you'll need to place a DoorDash order for at least $15 (before taxes and fees) either online or through the food delivery service's app to take part in the September 22 deal. Once you've hit the minimum amount required, go ahead and add a Blue Bunny ice cream cone to your cart, which will magically drop to a price of $0, without the need for a special promo code.

Today, you can enjoy a free ice cream cone without leaving your house — unless you live in California, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, that is. According to CNET, residents of these states are, unfortunately, unable to get in on the promotion "due to dairy laws concerning free products." Luckily, there are several fast food ice cream cones out there for inhabitants of these states to celebrate with.