The Unique Aldi Flatbread Reddit Is Running To The Store For

The name Michael Froomkin likely doesn't mean anything to you. That's because his biggest and most important contribution to the world is a post on where he states, "If You Wait Long Enough, Everything Comes Back Into Style." It's not clear if this is true or not, but it seems common enough. TODAY reports that numerous retro fashion trends are resurfacing, Billboard points toward artists that use disco in their music, and HotCars highlights several vintage automobiles that are seeping back into popularity. If this continues, it's only a matter of weeks before '90s rap-rock is tearing up the charts, gourmet chefs are preparing Jell-O salad or other 60s classic foods making a comeback, and people are putting glorious shag carpeting into their Mystery Machine-style vans.

One of the newest old things to be making a resurgence is the flatbread. There are few foods as truly retro as a flatbread. Trends and fads taken from the 20s, 60s, and 80s are cute, but flatbread is a real throwback. Forget about the two millennia that land in the AD portion of the calendar. Flatbread is a BC type of food and harkens back to the time of the pharaohs, per The Spruce Eats. Although it's old, when Aldi dresses it up it's 100% new and has social media clamoring to get it.

Tikka Masala flatbread is the best of everything from the east and west

With roots back in Egypt, flatbread is an intercontinental food from the start. However, Aldi has decided to give it a bit of Asian flair by creating a Tikka Masala version. From a picture posted on Reddit, it appears that the Tikka Masala flatbread uses a standard bread base, some chicken and onions, then the spicy sauce that is what Tikka Masala is all about. This version is slathered with what appears to be mozzarella, to satisfy those cheese cravings, an addition that most Tikka Masala recipes omit, and something that seems more western. Many people wonder why Americans put so much cheese on everything, as shown by this confused Redditor who seems dairy deficient. The answer is: it's delicious.

The cheese might have been the lynchpin, because from what the people of Reddit are saying, this new flatbread is worth getting now. "The sauce is made with Masala curry powder. It has a little kick to it!" said the original poster, who also explained to anyone trying to get their flatbread fix that this item can be found with the "ready made items on the shelves when you first walk in the door."

The poster offered up more helpful information, explaining that there's "no tomato" in the recipe. That's unusual for Tikka Masala, but means that anyone allergic to the fruit that seems like a vegetable should be able to eat this without risking a reaction.