Reddit Is In Disbelief Over A Wendy's Sauce Nightmare

Let's be real, no one can get fast food without also stocking up on sauces. If you stop for tacos, you're going to get the hottest Taco Bell sauce available. If you go through the drive-thru for a Big Mac, you're going to pick up McDonald's dipping sauces, be it honey mustard or sweet n' sour. If you order some chicken nuggets, you're going to also order Wendy's BBQ sauce. We don't make the rules. That's just how it is.

Unfortunately, our sauce dreams are sometimes dashed. You might pull up to order, peruse the Wendy's menu, and ask for the Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce, only to be told it's out of stock. Or maybe you long for the discontinued Creamy Siracha Sauce (via Entrepreneur). Devastating, right? Perhaps worse, though, as one Redditor found out, is when you get your hands on the sauce and realize that you're holding an empty sauce container. So close, and yet so far. It's truly a sauce nightmare. 

Sending condolences to the sauce-less Wendy's customers

Wendy's lovers came together on Reddit after one person posted about their heartbreaking experience with sauce loss. The post read, "[Wendy's] gave me one sauce and this was it ... Couldn't believe it."

The singular sauce in question, though seemingly sealed, contained only a trace of sauce inside. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! Other Redditors offered possible explanations, with one person suggesting "inflation lol." Another person had a similar story, commenting, "Yeah, I've got that a few times. The sauces are always pretty random with how full they are."

Someone else expressed concern for the nuggets, asking how many of Wendy's famous chicken nuggets the original poster had ordered. Thankfully they had only ordered a four-piece, as "there [was] nothing in this sauce container," rather than a 10-piece. As great as nuggets are, you just gotta have a sauce to dip them in. To prevent this from happening to you or someone you love, take a moment to check your bag before you leave the Wendy's drive-thru. Make sure your sauces are present — no one should have to go sauce-less.