The Best Small Coffee Makers Of 2022

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If you love coffee — and chances are that if you're reading this best of list, you probably enjoy it just a wee little bit — then you'll know that coffee makers can be as unique as the individual who is using them. But when it comes to java brewers, there can be a few issues to address.

For instance, space can always pose a problem. Depending on where you call home, you may have a bit of a kitchen real estate dilemma on your countertops. Or perhaps you've embraced a more minimalistic lifestyle and aren't necessarily into showing off your kitchen tchotchkes. Maybe you're entertaining the idea of a personal in-cubicle coffee maker that serves one or two people.

Whatever the reason, owning a fun-sized coffee maker not only allows you to make the best use of your space but according to the folks at Full Roast Coffee, owning a brewer can help you save money, too. But where should you get started?

How we selected products

Small coffee makers come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and functions. There is a mini-brewer out there for everyone, but the sheer numbers can get overwhelming. So, we scoured the web in search of high-ranking, fun-sized coffee makers so that you can find one that suits your java needs.

Just because a coffee maker is deemed "mini" doesn't mean that its capacity reflects that, so we took into consideration each brewer's capacity, as well as its physical size and dimensions, since some "small" coffee makers aren't all that small in reality. We also took into consideration ease of use and maintenance. We also looked into any special functions or features.

We took into account reviews from both confirmed consumers, as well as reputable input from small businesses considered to be coffee authorities. Altogether, this will help you find the right small coffee maker for you and your kitchen. These are the best small coffee makers of 2022.

Best overall small coffee maker

Capresso's 5-cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker takes the (coffee) cake on this best of list, not just because of its compact size — it's only 10 inches tall — but because of multiple additional features. It includes a 24-hour programmable timer and the 2-hour auto shut-off function means that the brewed coffee stays warm but doesn't burn. The Capresso 5-cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker is fast brewing, but can sometimes leak through the pour spout in the carafe, which can be an annoyance to some.

The Coffee Maven notes that poor extraction is one of the few minor pitfalls of the Capresso 5-cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker, while some customers note that the filter basket doesn't drain all the way. But the perks of this coffee maker outweigh the few minor design flaws, especially given that the Capresso 5-cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker boasts an impressive 72% overall satisfaction score on Amazon.

Purchase the Capresso 5-cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker on Amazon for $40.

Best budget small coffee maker

With over 8,550 reviews and a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Compact Coffee Maker wins for the best budget brewer. This little coffee maker is just under 10 inches tall and is available in four different colors: mint, red, teal, and yellow. It rates 4.5 out of 5 stars on Wayfair, with customers appreciating not only the compact design but that the Holstein Housewares Coffee Maker is lightweight and easy to operate. It also works well for brewing tea.

While some reviewers find this particular brewer to be quite durable and a great addition to smaller spaces, a handful of others noted the exact opposite — that it was rather fragile, and also a bit difficult to clean.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly, brightly colored coffee maker that brews more than just one serving, find the Housewares 5-Cup Compact Coffee Maker on Amazon starting at only $20.

Best splurge small coffee maker

The Hario 3-cup Coffee Siphon is our top winner for the most unique splurge-worthy purchase in the world of coffee brewers. Crema Coffee Garage explains that using it entails more than a few steps — because sometimes good coffee is a process. This brewing process is designed to put you in complete control. 

This handcrafted coffee maker is imported from Japan, with superb craftsmanship that makes it a functional and beautiful conversation piece, besides doing a good job at being a personal-sized coffee brewer. However, some have noted that the Hario 3-cup Coffee Siphon, visually arresting as it is, can be a bit of a hassle to clean.

If you're looking for a new way to prepare coffee, as well as a new way to make coffee more of a ritual than a "brew, guzzle, and go" situation, check out the Hario 3-cup Coffee Siphon on Amazon, starting at $80.

Best small coffee maker for two people

Should you happen to reside with another individual who also enjoys coffee in the morning, then the quirky, retro Amaste Coffee Maker needs your attention. Coming in at just under 11 inches tall and 6 inches wide, the Amaste is available in four different food-themed hues: arabica black, carola red, apricot orange, and matcha green.

Best Views Reviews rates it an 8.6 out of 10, noting that one of the perks of the Amaste 5-cup Coffee Brewer is its three strength settings, though some Amazon customers claim that it takes a long time to brew. Other customers like the fact that it not only looks cute, but it barely takes up any countertop space. The Amaste 5-cup Coffee Maker also comes with a reusable mesh filter basket, so eco-warriors can rejoice.

If you appreciate vintage or retro-looking coffee makers or are looking to add a splash of color to an otherwise blank kitchen, the Amaste 5-cup Coffee Maker is available on Amazon starting at $54.

Best small coffee maker for more than one cup

There are days when one cup of coffee is enough ... and then there are Mondays. When it comes to the hardest day of the week, the Black + Decker 5-cup Coffee Maker will be there to act as your coffee savior. Brewing up to five cups at once, this particular coffee maker comes with a built-in mesh filter, so you'll never have to buy paper coffee filters again. Another epic attribute: the Black + Decker 5-cup Coffee Maker totes the wondrous "sneak-a-cup" feature that allows you to pour yourself a cup before the entire pot has finished brewing. So if patience is not one of your strong suits, the "sneak-a-cup" feature is totally for you.

Espresso Coffee Brewers notes that the Black + Decker 5-cup Coffee Maker is incredibly lightweight, coming in at around two pounds. It's also space savvy. That said, it's not the most high-tech coffee maker on the planet, though the Black + Decker 5-cup Coffee Maker does have a digital touch-screen display.

If you're perusing the coffee brewer market for a machine that's compact, no-frills, and yields more than a few cups, check out the Black + Decker 5-cup Coffee Maker on Amazon starting at $25.

Best small coffee maker pod brewing

If pod coffee is your means of brewing the perfect cup but storage is a bit of an issue, then this single-serve coffee maker by Chulux should be your next kitchen investment. This tiny brewer comes in at a little over 4 inches wide and 9 inches tall and is available in seven colors: black, gray, red, orange, lime green, and light and dark blue.

A common issue with pod coffee is that one size does not typically fit all. Luckily, the Chulux Coffee Maker uses 1.0 and 2.0 pods, and also reusable K-Cups. Meanwhile, Pick and Brew loves that it's super user-friendly and boils and brews quickly. They also note that the instructions on how to operate the Chulux Coffee Maker are printed on the side of the machine. Just note that, unsurprisingly, this is not a high-capacity brewer. If you're looking for a brewer that makes big or multiple cups in a row, this isn't the coffee maker for you.

If you're looking for a no-frills, easy-to-clean, coffee-pod brewer that comes in multiple hues to brighten your morning, Amazon sells the Chulux Coffee Maker starting at $36.

Best versatile small coffee maker

Sometimes you want hot coffee and sometimes you want iced coffee. But you don't want to drink old, cold coffee because it can be bitter. Mr. Coffee is looking out for you with its versatile Iced and Hot Coffee Maker. This relatively compact dual brewer doesn't take up much countertop real estate, hovering at 16 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 7 inches deep. Amazon reviewers are impressed at how fast it makes both hot and cold coffee, while others appreciate that there's no need for coffee pods.

At least 95% of Best Buy coffee customers would recommend the Mr. Coffee Iced and Hot Coffee Maker to friends and family, noting that it's incredibly simple to use and has eliminated the need to go buy coffee from big brand name coffee chains.

If you're a fan of hot and iced coffee and you're also short on kitchen space, check out Mr. Coffee's Iced and Hot Coffee Maker on Amazon, starting at $55.

Best small coffee maker French press

There's an art to making the perfect French press coffee. Lucky for you, Bodum has made that process easier with its Brazil French Press. This little guy makes 12 ounces of delicious, liquid brain fuel (it's also available in a 34-ounce and 51-ounce capacity). On Amazon, over 17,160 customers rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 76% giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

Above Average Coffee states that there's no major issue with the Bodum Brazil French Press, other than a little bit of sediment that settles after brewing (which is standard with these types of coffee makers). Amazon reviewers warn that the glass carafe is not included in the warranty. And Insider thought that this brewer was hilariously tiny — even though they mention that their coffee consumption caps at just a single cup a day. But in the end, the Bodum Brazil French Press ended up being their favorite coffee brewer.

If you're more of a one-cup-a-day person and you love the idea of space-saving coffee brewers, check out the Bodum Brazil French Press on Amazon, starting at $18.

Best pour over small coffee maker

The OXO Single Serve Pour Over really is perfection in a brewer. This little coffee maker is perfect for the solo drinker and incorporates a BPA-free plastic water reservoir that regulates the water drip via seven small holes. This, according to the professionals at CoffeeGeek, brews the perfect cup every time. However, they do feel that the OXO Single Serve Pour Over could be improved upon by adding more micro holes for better water flow control. There's also the fact that it's made with plastic, which some Amazon reviewers feel somewhat diminishes the pour-over's quality and seemingly begins to degrade after first use.

Don't Waste Your Money rates the OXO Single Serve Pour Over an impressive 9 out of 10, noting that it gives you a precise cup every time, but that the plastic might give you some trouble when it comes to heat retention. The OXO Single Serve Pour Over comes with a lid to help keep heat in.

If you're a lover of manual, do-it-yourself brewing, and prefer to start your morning with a perfectly brewed cup, head over to Amazon and purchase the OXO Single Serve Pour Over, starting at $18.

Best small coffee maker for super strong coffee

If you're a coffee lover who swears by strong, dark, and smooth-tasting brew but you hate the jitters that sometimes come from highly potent coffee, then it's time to look at the SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker. This little brewer comes in at 6.5 inches wide and 9 inches tall and can brew a delicious cup of strong Turkish coffee for up to four people. While Turkish coffee usually takes a fair bit of time to make (when done right), the SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker brews a fragrant, full-bodied cup in just under three minutes, according to Yalla Boston. It also praises the trademarked Ember Cooking Function, which adds a bit of frothiness to the cup 

Amazon reviewers are incredibly impressed at how fast the SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker brews, and claim that it's very user-friendly and easy to clean. Some warn that the SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker tends to overflow if the 4-person setting is used.

Check out the SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker on Amazon, starting at $78.

Best small coffee maker for travel

If you're a stickler for French press coffee but don't have the time to brew and enjoy it while watching the sunrise, then the Bodum Travel Press should be your next excursion-safe coffee brewer. This stainless steel French-press-meets-travel-mug is double-walled and insulated with a vacuum seal. This not only keeps your java hot for hours but also prevents the need for hand protectors like coffee sleeves. Amazon reviewers love the fact that they can brew fresh coffee while on the road and also that the Bodum Travel Press makes a great gift.

Homegrounds totes that the Bodum Travel Press is incredibly durable and highly portable, especially because it also fits in a standard cup holder. Dripped Coffee warns that, should your Bodum Travel Press somehow end up in the horizontal position, it will leak — though, of course, it's not advisable to haphazardly toss it into your bag or car. As the name suggests, the Bodum Travel Press is only made for one (it holds 15 ounces). Amazon French press aficionados state that it's easy to clean and keeps their brew nice and hot.

If you're looking for a high-quality travel mug that also brews fresh French press coffee, grab the Bodum Travel Press on Amazon, starting at $27.