Why People Are In Shambles Over A Panda Express Article

The chances are that no matter where you go in the world, the cultural cuisine you're used to in America will be different in almost every country as it adapts to local tastes, per Asia Society. For example, Chinese food in India tends to be called Indo-Chinese and blends Chinese-based flavors with Indian ones. In Australia, Chinese dishes are different from those in America. Flavors evolve and adapt as they collide with different cultures, and Panda Express is a place where that has happened. While the fast-food joint started in the '80s, the family also owned dine-in restaurants back in the '70s until they were invited to turn their food into something suited for a mall. The concept took off and today there are over 2000 stores across 45 states, per Scrape Hero.

Most Americans have probably heard of Panda Express, plus they also know that the fast-food giant describes itself as American Chinese. However, the writer of an article published in the Village Sun — an online community newspaper in NYC — had not heard of the fast-food chain. As a result, the ire of Twitter was provoked.

Apparently, Panda Express isn't a sushi joint

The Village Sun article starts off by saying that a new restaurant — the Panda Express — is coming to the East Village and that it may give the local Japanese place a "bit of competition". It goes on to talk about the history of prior businesses in the location, describes the area as a "sketchy scene" and talks about how "most native New Yorkers probably have never even heard of Panda Express."

People took to Twitter in response to the article. "Absolutely losing my mind at this article about the new East Village Panda Express written by someone who has never heard of Panda Express in their life," said Twitter user @StateOf_ALaska who then went on to post a pole asking: "Have you ever heard of Panda Express?" to which 91.2% people responded in the affirmative. One amusing Twitter response said, "The hamburger chain — which a press release states is known for a large M-shaped sign called "golden arches" — serves hamburgers and fries in a delivery system called "fast food." Its signature sandwich includes two patties and is named a Big Mac, according to the release."

The Village Sun article drew so much attention from social media that Today reached out to the author, Lincoln Anderson. "Sorry to all the outraged and over-the-top Twitter posters, but I was NOT that familiar with Panda Express!" he replied.