Reddit Is In Shambles Over Disney World's Most Expensive Restaurant

If you or anyone you know has been to Disney World in the past few years, then you probably noticed a big change: The prices for entry to both Disney World and Disneyland have gone way up. Disneyland raises its prices at least once a year, according to the KTLA, and The Los Angeles Times reported in 2021 that the prices for some tickets went up by 8%. Ticket prices at Walt Disney World are going up, too, according to Ziggy Knows Disney, by as much as $3-$15 dollars per guest for simple base tickets.

But what some Disney fans really can't get over is the news that Disney's most expensive restaurant, Victoria & Albert's, has gotten pricier — allegedly more expensive than a meal at Disneyland's members-only Club 33 (via Today). The first thing that might tip diners off to the pricey nature of Victoria & Albert's restaurant, located at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, is that it's named after royalty. The restaurant was recently closed for renovation and has customers balking at the huge price increase now that it's reopening. Before Victoria & Albert's closed for renovation, a prix-fixe meal at the restaurant cost $185, but now, it will cost $295 (via Disney Tourist Blog). That $110 jump is pretty significant, and if diners opt for the wine pairing to go with their meal, that's a total of $445 per person for one dinner out. With prices like that, those Disney chefs must really be hard at work.

How expensive is a meal at Victoria & Albert's?

Many people on Reddit were upset to hear about the price increase at Victoria & Albert's at the Grand Floridian Resort. "I was excited to possibly do this for my [engagement] dinner in December, but $295 pre tax/tip and alcohol is just sadly too much for a young person on a somewhat budget," shared user Frank2442. "I like a tasting menu as much as anyone, but I hate when it's the only thing you can get," shared pbrooks19. Others turned up their noses at the non-alcoholic drink pairing option. "What could you possibly get for $110 in mocktails?" leafyrebecca asked. Seemingly in disbelief, tmoney34 claimed, "This is more expensive than a 4 course meal at Disneyland Club 33."

But not everyone was put off by the Disney restaurant's price increase. "My husband and I saved up for two year and went. It was INCREDIBLE," wrote satisfied diner prettyfacebasketcase. Ok_Calligrapher_8199 pointed out that the two Michelin-starred omakase restaurants in Orlando cost about $250 per person, which is comparable. However, user furryoso even said that the three meals they experienced at Victoria & Albert's were better than the one they had at a 3-Michelin star restaurant. Only time will tell if customers find the quality of the food and experience to be worth the price tag now that the restaurant has reopened.