The Crucial Reason Ben & Jerry's Is Rebranding Its Change Is Brewing Flavor

Ben & Jerry's is no stranger to a cause. Since the ice cream company was founded in 1978, it's been known to take a stance (per Quartz). From environmental activism and climate change advocacy to racial justice, Ben & Jerry's isn't likely to stand idle when a divisive issue presents itself.

The company hasn't always been successful in its attempts to help. The 1988 "Rainforest Crunch" flavor was marketed as a platform to protect the Amazon rainforest and build support for the indigenous nut industries by creating a cooperative. But, the Orlando Sentinel reported, the brand called itself out for misleading customers. Apparently, only about 5% of the nuts in "Rainforest Crunch" actually came from the rainforest, and indigenous communities heavily critiqued the effort.

Not every stab at advocacy flopped, though. Ben & Jerry's "Change is Brewing" flavor originally set out to promote racial justice and "divest from a broken criminal legal system," according to Shape. But this coffee-flavored ice cream recently underwent a makeover to champion a new mission.

Ben & Jerry's advocates for Black voter turnout

Ben & Jerry's will continue its attempt to advance racial justice with its "Change is Brewing" flavor. But the pint recently received a makeover to hone in specifically on increasing voter turnout among Black communities (perĀ Today). Instead of the general racial justice reform mission, which is still central to Ben & Jerry's, this pint will focus on the upcoming November 8 midterm elections. The company will distribute the flavor at historically Black schools, in large cities, and in rural areas. The goal is to protect Black voting rights and "to highlight the power of Black voters and encourage voter participation," the Ben & Jerry's website explains.

The flavor of "Change is Brewing" won't change. It's cold brew coffee ice cream with marshmallows and fudge brownies. The ice cream container also got a reboot. Black artist Laci Jordan designed the pint. The popular Ben & Jerry's flavor also tied in Black-owned BLK 7 BOLD Specialty Beverages for all its coffee-flavor needs. NBC News reported that the rebranded "Change is Brewing" will be available for a limited time and launches in the next few weeks.