TikTok Is Divided Over This Unusual Hack To Make Lasagna

Everyone is always looking for new ways to shake up classic recipes to make sure meals don't get boring and TikTok recipes have made it much easier to find new hacks and ideas. For the most part, these hacks and new recipes provide much debate within the comments section on whether or not it was helpful, even if they aren't the ones eating the reimagined recipe (via The Guardian). While TikTokers post what they see as a great idea, sometimes these hacks don't always find the approval they're looking for.

A recent TikTok showing a new way to make lasagna is taking some heat in the comments section. Though it's a little out of the box, it is a fun way to think of the classic Italian dish. However, TikTok is very divided over the whole idea. From ingredients to technique, people have chimed in on every aspect — from the sauce to the texture. 

Lasagna in a bundt pan

TikToker @theshabakitchen posted a hack for lasagna using a bundt cake tin. Since lasagna is usually cooked in a 9x13 baking dish, this is quite an unusual idea for the traditional Italian meal. The video starts off with the TikToker layering lasagna noodles laterally at the bottom of the bundt cake tin — so that they hang over the edges. Mozzarella cheese starts the bottom layer of the filling, followed by a layer of ground beef. More noodles are then placed on the beef, but this time they follow the curve of the tin. A layer of ricotta cheese mix is added followed by a layer of noodles — in the circular arrangement — and then the final dose of beef and mozzarella is spooned on. The meal is finished-off by folding the bottom noodles on top of the dish and putting it in the oven. Once out of the oven the tin is flipped over and taken off to reveal the lasagne in a bundt cake shape, which really highlights all the noodle layers. The TikTokker then topped off the concoction with a bechamel sauce.

However, TikTok wasn't sure how to feel about the final product. Most comments were about the dish being dry or the noodles being "too chewy." Disapproving comments read, "The Italian in me is yelling, 'WHERE'S THE SAUCE?'" and, "I stick with the old fashion way of making lasagna with red sauce." Other comments were positive and praised the idea of a new twist for lasagna. One TikToker wrote, "Brilliant! That would make a great holiday dinner," while another agreed it was a good idea but maybe not quite lasagna, stating, "Interesting. But definitely not a lasagna. Should be called something else." For the most part, it seemed like a good idea except for the lack of sauce which made it appear dry and less lasagna-like.