The Aldi Ice Dessert That Just Returned To Shelves

Everyone seems to love ice cream (except, of course, for those who have dairy allergies, are lactose intolerant, or hate ice cream). We all scream for it: It's rich, creamy, flavorful, fun to eat, and indulgent – a satisfying and inclusive treat that appeals to kids, teens, adults, and even our furry friends.

Do you consider yourself to be an average American? Each year, the typical American takes in "23 pounds of ice cream and related frozen desserts" – usually the kind you find at the grocery store (per International Dairy Foods Association). It makes sense that July is the busiest month for ice cream manufacturers. It's warm in most parts of the country, seasonal stands are open, and school is out for summer. If you missed National Ice Cream Day, mark your calendars. It's celebrated each year on the third Sunday of July (July 16 in 2023, per National Today).

Does the sight of pumpkins, autumn leaves, and holiday displays at stores kill your cravings for ice cream and other frozen treats? Discount grocery chain Aldi certainly hopes not, because it recently brought popular Sundae Shoppe Donut Bars (on a stick) back to the freezer section of its stores.

They're back: Aldi's donut bars frozen desserts

In case you missed them when they hit Aldi stores in February (via Instagram), Instagrammers Aldi Favorite Finds and Adventures in Aldi trumpeted the return of the little round desserts. These donut-in-name-only novelties come four to a package in two varieties: strawberry and chocolate and vanilla. They're priced at around $2.99 per box (though, it may depend on the location) and will be available for a limited time, while supplies last (per Aldi).

We're guessing Sundae Shoppe calls them frozen "ice desserts" because they might not contain ice cream. They also don't contain donuts. The strawberry version is described as a "strawberry flavored ice dessert" covered with pink-tinted white confectioners glaze. The chocolate and vanilla variety features vanilla ice dessert with vanilla flavored coating and vanilla ice dessert covered with chocolate flavored coating. Sprinkles appear to be embedded in the coatings.

According to Davenport, Iowa-based YouTube reviewers Jon and Laura of Love and Junk Food, the Sundae Shoppe frozen novelty desserts are "ice cream-esque treats that are in the shape of a donut.” They tried the chocolate and vanilla variety of Aldi's Sundae Shoppe donut bars and preferred the chocolate-covered vanilla ice dessert over the vanilla-covered version. "They don't taste like donuts ... It's just a cute little shape for a treat,” Laura said. Added John: "The downside is they're not that big and there's only four in the box.”