New York's Metro Is Bringing New Meaning To The 'Subway' Sandwich

New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (M.T.A.) is known for many things. On the surface, it's a rapid transit system that comprises dozens of subway lines careening millions of people to the farthest reaches of the city's boroughs (well, except for Staten Island) each and every day. On an anecdotal level, any seasoned New Yorker will add that the city's subway system — which was established in 1904 and has the largest number of subterranean stations in the world (via Railway Technology) — is also defined by its denizens of performance artists, buskers, and breakdancers; its muffled conductor announcements; and its strange sights and smells. Of M.T.A.'s many colloquial titles, however, one it has yet to claim is "sandwich purveyor" — until now. 

For a limited time, The New York Times reports that Manhattan's Italian sandwich chain Alidoro will sling an M.T.A.-sponsored "subway" sandwich (no, not that Subway) made in collaboration with some of the city's most iconic eateries.

'The 1904' celebrates the NYC subway's founding year with pastrami on rye

Named after the founding year of NYC's behemoth of a subway system, the M.T.A.-approved "1904" is a limited-time sub that can be found from September 28 through the end of October at all five of Manhattan's Alidoro locations (per The New York Times). Instead of taking on the task itself, Alidoro teamed up with a few fellow local mainstays for a truly New York-centric sandwich. It's even wrapped in a rendering of a New York City subway map.

Made with pastrami from the city's legendary Katz Delicatessen (which, as NYT notes, is even older than the NYC subway), the sandwich isn't far off from a Reuben. It layers garlic confit cream, mustard-y coleslaw kicked up with Calabrian chili, and aged provolone cheese inside a sourdough rye roll from Newlight Breadworks, another iconic local spot based in the Bronx. If you want to sink your teeth into one of these babies but you don't live in New York, good news: You can order a $14 "1904" for nationwide shipping, which Alidoro offers through Goldbelly