Trader Joe's New Harvest Bowl Is Just Like Sweetgreen's

The Sweetgreen Harvest Bowl seems to be as synonymous with the fall season as the Pumpkin Spice Latte, a TikTok user pointed out. The popular Sweetgreen menu item has a base of shredded kale and wild rice. On top, it's dressed with quintessential fall ingredients like sweet potatoes, apples, roasted chicken, and almonds. Sweetgreen finishes off the bowl with crumbled goat cheese and ties everything together with balsamic vinaigrette.

Restaurant Clicks put the Harvest Bowl on its list of most popular Sweetgreen items, calling it "a perfect fall dish that encapsulates the taste of the harvest season." The restaurant also appears near the top of our fast food salad chains ranking.

Sweetgreen charges $11.60 for the Harvest Bowl, according to Yelp. That price has Redditors and TikTokers trying to replicate their favorite fall meal at home. Now, however, you can have a Sweetgreen experience at your favorite Hawaiian-themed grocery store.

A cult favorite embraces a cult favorite

If your fall isn't complete without a visit to Sweetgreen for a Harvest Bowl but you'd rather not fork out nearly $12, your local Trader Joe's outpost can now officially fulfill your autumnal desires. The popular grocery chain has started offering a Harvest Warm Bowl of its own, according to an Instagram post shared by @traderjoeslist. The caption read, "As someone who loves @sweetgreen I am so excited about this dupe."

At $5.49, customers can buy two of the Trader Joe's Harvest Warm Bowls for the price of one at Sweetgreen. The post also indicated that the bowl seems to be gluten-free. Customers are rejoicing in the comment section. "Looks great. I love Sweetgreen's bowl but they're pricey," wrote one enthusiastic poster. "Got this yesterday, heated it up and it's DELISH," said another.

The Trader Joe's Harvest Bowl isn't identical to Sweetgreen's, however. It has a maple balsamic dressing, rather than the classic balsamic in Sweetgreen's and comes with dried cranberries. One commenter pointed out that this iteration of the Harvest Bowl doesn't include chicken. "I wish they added chicken to this," they wrote.