Giada De Laurentiis' Go-To After Dinner Cocktail

After a delicious meal you might be inclined to order dessert, but don't bypass the option of an after-dinner drink as its benefits are far better than a piece of molten chocolate cake. Not to be confused with the dessert drink, an after-dinner drink is meant to help in digestion after a big meal. These drinks, called digestifs, are usually higher in alcohol and less sweet. According to The Mill Kitchen and Bar, the best drinks to serve after dinner include brandy, cognac, fortified wines, and liquor cocktails.

While it might be easy to pick an alcohol that you can drink straight, cocktails are so much more fun with creative flavor profiles, a variety of alcohol bases, and ingredients that cater to personal tastes and preferences. This is when we look to professional chefs and bartenders for inspiration and ideas. Culinary superstar Giada De Laurentiis has a go-to after dinner cocktail that you may want to ask for at your next dinner out.

Giada De Laurentiis loves an Italian amaro cocktail

Perfect year-round and in any season, Giada De Laurentiis recommends a zesty and bright cocktail called the Italian amaro cocktail. The "Everyday Italian" host calls it a "soda for grown-ups," according to an Instagram post from her blog Giadzy, and we can see why. The ingredients are a digestive winner, with the combination of lime, ginger ale, and bitter amaro liqueur to really settle that stomach after a big meal. With ingredients easily available, the drink is great for a beginning bartender to try out.

Giadzy says the drink is super easy to make. In two minutes, you'll have one of the most refreshing after-dinner drinks that may just become one of the classic cocktails you serve on the regular. Not too sweet and a great compliment to dessert, try this beverage the next time you are hosting a dinner party. Cheers to De Laurentiis for this refreshing drink!