The Miniature Cookie Dessert That Has Costco Shoppers Freaking Out

It might be hard to start thinking about buying Christmas gifts when your calendar hasn't even been flipped to October yet. However, considering that a recent Bankrate survey found that 25% of Americans have already started their holiday shopping, and another 25% plan to start before October 31, getting a jump start on gift buying might not be too bad of a plan — especially since experts predict that supply chain issues will likely still be affecting inventory at a number of retailers (via Retail Info Systems).

As for where holiday gift-givers will be doing their holiday purchases this year, Retail Customer Experience reports that industry specialists expect to see a 15% increase in online shopping this year compared to 2021. But while there's an obvious convenience to being able to order all your presents from the comfort of your own home, hitting the brick-and-mortars can prove to be beneficial, as well. Costco, for example, often sells warehouse-exclusive items that can't be found on its virtual counterpart (via Insider). Therefore, cardholders who stick solely to shopping the big box retailer's website this holiday season may miss out on a couple of hot buys, such as the mini cookie skillet sets that Costco-obsessed Instagrammer @costcohotfinds recently spotted in-store. "These are too cute and would make the cutest gift," the shopper captioned a post this week about the dessert-making kits that have many of their fellow Costco shoppers freaking out.

Costco shoppers have big plans for these mini cast iron cookie sets

Costco isn't always the easiest store to navigate, especially when you show up on the absolute worst day to shop at the warehouse, but the miniature cookie skillet sets Instagram user @costcohotfinds recently spotted might be just the thing to convince shoppers to brave the crowds. According to the Instagrammer, each kit comes boxed in festive packaging that contains a mini cast iron skillet and a package of Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie mix that requires nothing more than water and butter to be transformed into a delicious treat. The kits are sold in packs of four for $19.99, giving you the opportunity to cross out four names on your shopping list with a single purchase — though it seems that some Costco shoppers plan on keeping the sets for themselves.

"Omg I'm gifting this to myself. This is too cute," Instagram user @liz__sz1 commented on @costcohotfinds post. "I would purchase it just for the mini cast iron skillets," admitted another follower. Others, meanwhile, discussed all the possible gift-giving situations in which the kits could be of use. "This would make a great hostess gift. I get so tired of just bringing a bottle of wine!" one Instagrammer suggested, while others proposed the idea of giving them to teachers or coworkers. Considering what a potentially great find this cookie skillet set seems to be, it's no wonder many people are starting their holiday shopping early this year.