The Taco Bell Food Truck Reddit Is Begging For

It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, when those Taco Bell cravings kick in, it's hard to get them out of your head. Since the first Taco Bell restaurant opened in 1962 in California, the taco chain has grown to over 7,600 locations across the United States, serving up delicious crunchy tacos and Mexican food offerings on-the-go to many people every year (via ScrapeHero). 

Sometimes, it's hard to know how many hours in the day you have to order Taco Bell, with some locations closing as early as 11 p.m. or as late as 3 a.m. Have you ever driven all the way to the closest Taco Bell location only for it to be closed or the drive-thru line is out to the street? We know that pain too. What if there was an easier way to make sure you can fulfill those Taco Bell cravings any time of the day, maybe even without having to drive at all?

A Taco Bell food truck that sells discontinued items

Picture this: You're sitting outside your house and all of a sudden you hear the musical jingle of a food truck coming your way. Is it the classic ice cream truck? No, instead it's a Taco Bell food truck. Reddit has blown the concept idea out of proportion, striking up a conversation about what it would look like if there was a food truck that sold discontinued Taco Bell menu items. "This needs to happen. The truck pulls up outside a club? It sells out," commented one user. "I don't have a TB within 20 mins. BC of this, I probably get it half as much as I used to. I would absolutely LOVE a TB truck that travels to towns that don't have locations," said another user.

While the demand for a Taco Bell food truck seems like it would be in high demand, additional Reddit users are commenting on the exact reason why this might not actually exist. "I'd never need to step foot in a regular TB ever again," said one user. "MF'er gets hijacked within 10 min of being on the road," said another person. With that said, it could actually cause quite a number of problems for the popular taco chain and could result in fewer people going in-store for popular Taco Bell menu items and shutting down locations. We can all still dream about it.