Reddit Is Totally Confused About This Taco Bell Delivery Mix-Up

There's no denying the convenience of having food delivered right to our front doors through services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub, but we also can't overlook the risk factor that comes with using them, either. According to a recent study conducted by Circuit, a whopping 90% of Americans have been on the receiving end of an incorrect food or grocery order before.

Given that stat, we think it's safe to say that most of us know the frustration that comes with getting ready to dig into a meal just to realize something's gone awry. However, recently, one Redditor experienced a delivery mix-up that left them — and several others on the platform — just plain confused.

Reddit user u/TheCrick was the victim of the head-scratching mistake, which they detailed in a post to the Taco Bell subreddit page on Thursday, September 29. "Did I win some contest? Received Employee Uniform via DD," they wrote. The Redditor also included a photo of the odd contents of their order, which they explained in a separate comment was a visor, t-shirt, and an apron, all featuring the Taco Bell logo.

"This is awesome. But also puzzling. The right receipt was on the outside," they said. Adding even more insult to injury was the fact that the Redditor did get the drink part of their order delivered, but received the merch in place of their food, leading many to wonder what in the world went wrong.

Here's what Reddit thinks happened

In a recent study conducted by Circuit, 59% of Americans admitted to confronting their delivery driver over an incorrect food order. However, in the case of Reddit user u/TheCrick's recent Taco Bell mishap in which they received a Taco Bell uniform in place of their grub, it seems very unlikely that their DoorDash employee was to blame.

Unsurprisingly, the confusing situations led to a number of jokes from other Redditors on the Taco Bell page. "President Bell has ordered a partial mobilization of all members of the tbell subreddit, looks like you were the lucky first to get their battle uniform," wrote u/howardtheduckdoe.

"They said 'make the food yourself,'" quipped another Taco Bell fan, while a third commenter likened the accidental uniform delivery to getting a Hogwarts letter.

Others, meanwhile, offered a few explanations for the mix-up. "You were trolled," u/Depressedandlonely82 asserted, but while we have to admit that this uniform-for-food switcheroo makes for an expert-level prank, u/mhartmon's theory seems a bit more plausible. "An employee just received a uniform and it was mistaken for a food order. Sometimes people throw their stuff in a bag to take home," they suggested.

Regardless of how this conundrum came about, one thing we do know is that it made for a good laugh. And for those concerned about whether the Redditor ever got their meal, no need to fret, as they got DoorDash to redeliver their grub.