Costco Just Brought Back A Bigger Baklava Box But Fans Are Still Divided

When it comes to your favorite snacks and sweet treats, who doesn't want to get more bang for their buck? Whether it's upgrading to a larger size drink for a few extra cents at your local coffee shop, or getting the family-sized bag of candy at your local grocery store, it is only natural to want to get more of your favorite goodies for less. The wholesale superstore Costco is the mecca for those who want to snag great deals while buying in bulk. But it turns out that in some instances, bigger isn't always better, even for Costco shoppers.

Costco has recently released a giant box of Baklava, a traditional Mediterranean pastry that is made with butter, nuts, and sweet honey-based syrup, according to My Recipes. Last year, Costco released a smaller, yet still quite substantial, version of this Mediterranean Baklava tray, which delivered 1.65 pounds of the buttery, flaky dessert for just $8.99 (via Instagram). The newest version that recently hit shelves is selling for $10.99 and weighs in at a whopping 2.2 pounds. According to the Instagram user @costcohotfinds, the "sweet pastry was flying off the shelves." While that is undoubtedly a good price for this Mediterranean treat, not everyone felt this product was worth the price.

Many shoppers didn't think the Baklava tasted authentic

Many shoppers took to social media to share their opinions on this bigger Baklava tray, and they were not all positive. "I'm Turkish and I bought a baklava box from Costco last year and it was the worst baklava I've ever had," declared one dissatisfied shopper on Reddit. "If you've had actual baklava from the Middle East this stuff is an abomination," agreed another Reddit user. Others called the product "too sweet," and some even claimed they had to return the item since it was "completely inedible."

However, this opinion was far from unanimous. Others were quick to praise the product, calling it "pretty good" and " really economical." "This is seriously so delicious!" one user raved on Instagram. "I'm ready to gain about 10 lbs from the baklava I get from Costco during fall/winter," a Redditor joked, while another agreed, "My family devoured this last year. Very yummy." So fans who already know that the flavor appeals to them can't seem to go wrong with this bigger, better tray. However, those craving a more authentic dessert experience than one can find in a big box store might want to check out their local Middle Eastern bakeries for the fresh, homemade Baklava they are looking for.