Insomnia Cookies Wants To Haunt Your Taste Buds With Halloween Treats

If you haven't heard of Insomnia Cookies, you've missed a lot. The cookie company has been around for nearly two decades, and while it targets college students who stay up late, it's available to anyone who likes sugar and is within a reasonable distance of any of its 200+ outlets (so, almost anyone). 

One defining aspect of the company is its ability to deliver warm cookies until 3 a.m., per The George-Anne. The words "student" and "cookies" in the same sentence may cause you to nod your head knowingly, but these are not those kinds of cookies — a fact the company reminds netizens of yearly: "Our cookies don't contain melatonin. Our cookies don't put you to sleep. Our cookies don't contain THC. Or CBD. Or any other drug" (via Twitter).

In addition to delivering cookies at ungodly hours to feed the appetites of comfort-seeking, sweet-toothed, and studious night owls, Insomnia Cookies offers cold milk, brownies, and ice cream. That product range just expanded with the introduction of a few Halloween-themed sweets.

Insomnia's Halloween sweets are candy-loaded

Insomnia Cookies dropped its "Late Night Frights" Halloween lineup this week, per Instagram, and many of the treats feature ingredients from familiar brands like Hershey's, Kit Kat, Heath, and Reese's. Though the post has only been up for 24 hours, it's amassed thousands of likes from customers who say they "can't wait to get back home and get some Insomnia cookies."

Insomnia's spooky season cookies include the warm Double Trouble chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and Reese's Pieces, plus the Treat Bag Deluxe brown sugar cookie studded with Hershey's Kisses, Heath toffee bits, and Kit Kat chips. For dessert dipping, there's the Glampire red velvet cookie butter, and for brownie fans, the Glampire brownie comes "loaded" with sprinkles and red velvet cookie butter. 

Insomnia's 2021 Halloween menu featured similar candy-loaded desserts, but from different brands like M&Ms, Twix, and Snickers, which suggests that the company is onto a consistent them with its fall offerings. Knowing about this new menu, you may truly struggle with insomnia — either because you can't stop thinking about the cookies or you can't stop eating them.