Fans Told Mashed Their Favorite Way To Serve Cheese – Exclusive Survey

One of the best things about cheese is its versatility. Per Wisconsin Cheese, cheese can be categorized by the type of milk used to make it, along with region, age, texture, flavor, and preparation. Across the globe, there to be more than 1,800 different types of cheese in existence. Pretty wild, right?

And the possibilities increase exponentially when you consider just how many different ways you can enjoy cheese. For instance, you can serve it straight out of the fridge (although you shouldn't), you can toss it into a slow cooker mac and cheese recipe, or you can slap it on some bread for an epic grilled cheese sandwich.

With so many yummy options to choose from, everyone is bound to have their own personal favorite method of enjoying cheese. Mashed surveyed 582 readers to see how they prefer to serve cheese — and the results might not come as a huge surprise.

34% of people serve cheese in this classic form

Think back to any social gathering you've attended that served cheese. Was it served sliced or cubed on a charcuterie board, probably with crackers? As it turns out, this is how 34% of Mashed readers serve cheese. 

The second-most-popular way to serve cheese is no less delicious: melted. A solid 27.2% of survey respondents said they like having melted cheese at their get-togethers. Following cubed and melted cheeses, 15% of readers enjoy cheese as part of a dip. (We're thinking pizza dips, lasagna dips, nine-layer cheeseburger dip — pretty much any cheesy dip is a good call.)

At the bottom of the rankings, we're left with cheese balls and whole bricks of cheese. Only 14.1% and 9.8% of Mashed readers chose these as their favorite methods of serving cheese (but they're still great methods nonetheless). Classic cheese balls contain all sorts of deliciousness, from spices and sauces to pecans and parsley, making them the gift that keeps giving. Seriously, though, we just love cheese.