Here's What Subway Would Look Like In Hell, According To AI

If you're not familiar with artificial intelligence, it could be coming to a restaurant chain near you soon. With the rise of technology, AI is starting to emerge within fast food restaurants around the world, with McDonald's already debuting 10 AI-functioning drive-thrus in the suburbs of Chicago as of 2021 (via CNN). However, some people worry that the rise of AI can actually take away paid jobs from prospective employees.

Still though, while AI continues to get tweaked and dip its toes into all the facets of life and within the economy — including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, life sciences, finance, and food (via CSU Global) — it is pretty cool to see how it will continue to evolve and change the way we order and consume food.

With Taco Bell, KFC, and Domino's already incorporating more AI technology into their restaurant locations, it might become pretty common to see more of these popping up at some of your favorite quick-service locations in the near future.

Along with its many other uses, AI can also come up with some pretty cool art. Using algorithms based on varying style techniques, AI art has revolutionized the way we make and consume forms of art and media, dating back to the '70s (via Night Café). With endless possibilities, some people are using it to visualize restaurants in obscure settings — such as Hell.

The Subway from Hell

When you think of Subway, you probably don't think of a dark and dingy room. That's probably the opposite atmosphere you would want your sandwiches made. Playing around with some artificial intelligence (AI) art though, you might find yourself in such a scene if you wanted to order a Subway sub in Hell.

In a recent Reddit thread, a user posted a photo of an eerie-looking Subway restaurant generated by AI. Full of dark hues and an overall red, fiery tone, Subway in Hell is actually called "Subbwaiy" and looks quite scary. It's also probably not the cleanest environment to make or consume any sort of food. But hey, maybe the subs are good there?

Users on Reddit could barely contain themselves once seeing the photo. "This is where the Meatball double meat on Flatbread people go," one Redditor said. "Everything double meat sandwich zone," said another user. "But do they sell the broodwich?" another Subway customer commented.

Did it live up to your expectations? What would your vision of Subway in Hell look like?