Instagram Is All Heart-Eyes For Whole Foods' Candy-Flavored Grapes

While it might appear that apples and pumpkins are in the spotlight at the moment, Whole Foods' candy-flavored grapes have a lot of people's attention in the supermarket's most recent Instagram post.

In the United States, grapes are actually in their peak season, which runs from August through October, according to Food Network. They are grown in numerous varieties, but the most popular versions in the United States include moon drops, crimson seedless, and champagne grapes (via Northern Nester). Each accommodates a different flavor palette, with moon drops being known for their semi-sweet taste, and crimson seedless being described as slightly tart.

Whole Foods carries all different types of grapes in its stores, and even has a guide on its website, detailing the best grapes for eating. But on September 12, the national health supermarket showed Instagram that its candy-flavored grapes were definitely worth trying in particular, and why customers should flock to stores to get their hands on them.

Yes, these grapes are actually called Gum Drops

In a post on September 12, Whole Foods showcased a bundle of green and red grapes, which were supplied by The Grapery. The items were labeled as "Gum Drops," which isn't just a nickname for this sweet grape variety. According to Minneopa Orchards, this grape is easily identified by its medium size, oval to round shape, and of course, its sweet and candy-like taste.

Many fans in the picture's comments have noted that they have already tried this product before it was promoted on the Whole Foods Instagram account. One user, @tales_with_art, wrote, "These are the most scrumptious grapes that I have ever had!!!" Another account, @gameupnutrition, simply commented the heart eyes emoji.

Not only are these grapes known for their sweet taste that is reminiscent of gummy bears, but they also contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and B-complex. It makes sense why Whole Foods chose to feature them on Instagram, as they make for the perfect fall snack.