This Is How Much Subs At The First Subway Really Cost

In the past 50 years, fast food prices have changed drastically. Naturally, much of this is due to inflation rates. The US dollar doesn't have nearly the buying power it once did, says Trading Economics, and the inflation rate is sitting at about 8% to 9% as of August 2022. This is higher than average, but not as high as it once was. According to the website In 2013 Dollars, the highest rate of inflation occurred in 1980, when it went up to 13.5%.

However, even with the rates changing, money tends to lose buying power over time. These days, the dollar has about 13% of the buying power it did in 1970, notes In 2013 Dollars. This means that in order to buy $100 worth of goods in 1970s dollars, you'd need nearly $800 in 2022 money.

Despite these massive fluctuations in the currency market, there are a few businesses that have dedicated themselves to keeping costs down for customers. Costco is one of the most famous of these, offering the $1.50 hot dog and drink meal for the same price it was in the mid-1980s. Then there's the $5 rotisserie chicken that the warehouse club offers, in order to keep drawing people in. Arizona has devoted itself to 99 cent tea.

These are all great deals, but it would be nice if more companies offered throwback pricing. Then we could get a Whataburger for just 25 cents, and Subway sandwiches would be pennies on the dollar.

Subway charges the same relative price for sandwiches since it opened

Subway opened its first shop back in 1965 when a 17-year-old kid named Fred Deluca borrowed $1,000 to start his sandwich dream. Fred initially called his shop "Pete's Super Submarines," after his family friend Dr. Peter Buck who helped him with his endeavor, and it was located in the bustling metropolis of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

According to the Subway website, he charged just 49 cents for some sandwiches, with the more costly variety running a whopping 69 cents. Just to translate that into 2022 dollars, that would be like charging $4.61 for the cheaper sandwich, and $6.49 for the more expensive variety (via In 2013 Dollars).

These prices are generally commensurate with what you'd find in the actual restaurant. According to a price chart cooked up by Fast Food Price, many six inch subs cost about $4.50, with some footlongs running about $6.50. Then again, there are specialty sandwiches that go over $9, but the most standard fare actually has stayed fairly steady when it comes to overall worth.

Sadly, there may be a limited time left to get Subway sandwiches at your local shop, as more of the franchises are disappearing around the country.