Why One Man Married A Can Of Mtn Dew

How far would you go to snag an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas? Well, if you are Thomas Rank of Avon, Indiana, you just might get hitched for it. But Rank didn't marry the longtime love of his life, or even his one-night stand in a shotgun Vegas wedding. On October 5, Rank entered the Little Vegas Chapel in Las Vegas to tie the knot with a can of Hard Mtn Dew, according to Food & Wine.

Rank first met his betrothed in August of this year, when the Boston Beer Company, Hard Mtn Dew's parent company, offered the ultimate proposal. "Do you love HARD MTN DEW enough to marry it?" the company asked its fans in a press release. In order to make the love between fans and Hard Mtn Dew official, the company invited the boozy beverage's number-one fans to submit an original personalized wedding proposal to prove why they should be the one to get to spend the rest of their life with a can of Hard Mtn Dew. Although there were many eligible suitors, Rank was ultimately chosen as "the one." He and a person of honor were flown to his Vegas wedding to make the marriage official, reports Fox59.

Rank won a lavish Vegas wedding celebration

Rank made the union official with heartfelt vows and a custom-made pull-tab wedding ring. "I give you my heart, and I am complete because I have you, Hard Mtn Dew," he promised his new spouse, per Food & Wine. However, while the love Rank may feel for Hard Mtn Dew may be real, the marriage is in no way legally binding. But that didn't stop the newlyweds from celebrating the wedding in style.

In addition to the wedding ceremony and a lavish reception at a Las Vegas club, Rank also scored a two-night stay in a swanky Vegas suite, a supply of Hard Mtn Dew for the celebrations, and $1,000 in cash for the happy couple to spend as a wedding gift (via PR Newswire). Of his experience getting hitched to a spiked soda, the groomsman said, "My life has changed completely. I can say I am the first person ever to marry a can of Hard Mtn Dew, a can in general, and it's been a big step not only for myself, but all of mankind as well."

Humbly, Avon also took a Fox59 interview as an opportunity to thank his hometown fans for helping him put the Corn State "on the map for a little bit." Oh, and if you're wondering how the kiss and "I do" portion of the ceremony went, Rank replaced the traditional smooch with a good swig of the malt beverage.