Inside The Pantry Bobby Flay Shares With His Cat

A big part of the appeal of the celebrity chef is not just their cooking, but learning about their personality and their life. A famous food figure's persona can become a big part of their personal brand, and getting insights into their home life can be a real point of interest for their fans.

Beyond just learning what your favorite famous chefs are like in real life, getting to know the people these culinary folk share their lives with (and their cooking, of course) is always fascinating. We all know the Barefoot Contessa's husband Jeffrey, and Rachael Ray has her husband John Cusimano, for example. While chef Bobby Flay's romantic and marital history is somewhat varied (in fact, Flay even recently told ET in an interview that he's not thinking about getting married again anytime soon), there's always been one companion that's always been by his side: his pet cat Nacho.

Not only does Flay share his home with Nacho, but the two even share a pantry. In a recent video with Be Chewy, Flay revealed what he's got in his pantry for Nacho.

How Bobby Flay stocks his cat's shelves

The inside of Bobby Flay's pantry looks more or less how you'd expect, with rows of shelves lining each wall. The pantry is divided almost directly in half — on the left side all of the dry goods and preserves Flay needs for his cooking, while the right half has shelves just for Nacho (via Be Chewy).

Not only does Nacho have his own half of the pantry (complete with a spot for him to perch), he's also got his own line of cat food. Made By Nacho is Flay's own brand of pet food which specifically caters to cats. According to the brand's website, the food is produced in the U.S. and uses high-quality ingredients. With a full selection of wet and dry food, treats, toppers, and catnip, Flay is ready to prepare just about anything his cat might want, in true chef fashion.

The Be Chewy video shows that two and a half full shelves on the right side of Flay's pantry are brimming with products from Made By Nacho.

"Not everybody has to share a pantry with their cat," Flay says in the video. "But I'm happy to, because Nacho's the best."