What We Know About Robert Irvine's New Motivational Book

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Chef Robert Irvine has an impressive culinary career spanning over 40 years. He joined the UK Navy when he was just 15 years old and found a passion for cooking in the kitchens. During his service on the Royal Yacht Britannia, he cooked for royalty and other high-profile personalities, per Irvine Thyme. He later worked for a variety of restaurants and hotels in different parts of the globe before becoming a celebrity chef on his own Food Network shows, including "Restaurant: Impossible."

He once said, "If you are a Chef, your life is devoted to giving pleasure to other people." Chef Irvine takes this concept one step further in his philanthropic endeavors (via Entrepreneur). He started the Robert Irvine Foundation in 2014 in order to provide support for military men and women. 

He's also written four cookbooks to date. These include 2009's "Mission: Cook," 2010's "Impossible to Easy," 2015's "Fit Fuel," and 2019's "Family Table." His newest book "Overcoming Impossible" is not a cookbook; it's an inspirational guide that aims to share the things that made him successful. It's not only for those looking to become entrepreneurs but for those looking for business motivation and anyone interested in Chef Irvine's success story.

Chef Irvine aims to share the secrets of success

The cover of Chef Irvine's book reads: "Learn to lead, build a team, and catapult your business to success." In a Twitter post, he wrote, "I wanted to write this book for many years and I finally did it." Of course, Irvine's career is proof enough that he probably knows a thing or two about business. Throw in the fact that Irvine has spent 18 seasons saving businesses on Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible," and you've got a very compelling reason to pick up his book "Overcoming Impossible."

While the chef has made a name for himself in the hospitality industry, his motivational book aims to provide inspiration and a guide to any type of business endeavor. According to Irvine, he wrote the book specifically because of his love for business. Irvine wrote, "Business is my greatest passion and the thing that makes me most excited to get out of bed each morning"

According to the blurb on Amazon, the book aims to help with business issues around micromanaging, maintaining accountability, and working out what your business motivation might be. Plus, if you're the kind of person who's intimidated by tech and social media, Chef Irvine's book may help you embrace it in your business life.

If you'd like to buy the book in physical, eBook, or audiobook editions, pre-orders are available now on Amazon or via Harper Collins, but you'll be waiting until February 2023.