Aldi Is Bringing The Sauce With This Year's Italian Week

As inflation problems persist, German-based supermarket behemoth Aldi has only grown in popularity for its low-cost foods relative to other major grocery chains (per Grocery Dive). There are plenty of ways Aldi keeps its costs so low, but in addition to its lower prices, it has developed somewhat of a cult following due to certain in-store brands of products not being available elsewhere. The brand is also known for its weekly specials that are often themed and tied to seasons or holidays.

As of October 12, Aldi has launched its "Italian Week" specials, which consist of plenty of Italian-style foods at low prices. Per grocery blog Aisle of Shame, Aldi promotes multiple themed weeks throughout the year, including Mexican, Greek, Asian, and German, of course. Now, the German grocer is getting in touch with its Italian side — here's everything you can (and should) fill your cart with this week, from ravioli and pasta dishes to pizzas and Italian desserts.

Aldi's best Italian Week items

If you want your home to smell like the hills of Tuscany or the graffiti-splattered alleyways of Naples this week, there are plenty of ways to do it. Although Aldi has not posted this year's specials to its social media, the company touted plenty of familiar brands on Facebook during last year's special, including Priano sauces and pasta. Cook House Italian sauces, along with Rana and Bremer brand products, were also available. This year, it appears many of the same brands are once more on offer, as well as Mama Cozzi's calzones, strombolis, and pizzas, per Aisle of Shame.

Aldi's Italian desserts include tiramisu and profiteroles, along with Priano's glazed puff pastries, Italian-style cookies, and chocolate wafers. Reddit users have discussed their love for Italian Week in the past, with one person posting a photo of a refrigerator stocked with Italian meats and cheeses. In early 2022, users in a separate Reddit thread were concerned that supply chain issues might impact Aldi's ability to host their special weeks, so some shoppers might be relieved to know this isn't the case.