Is McDonald's Open On Thanksgiving 2022?

When Thanksgiving dinner comes to mind, you might picture a large table with a turkey centerpiece and all the fixings. However, that doesn't mean you can't crave your fast food favorites on the holiday — or maybe you don't have much planned for the day.

Not everyone in the United States celebrates Thanksgiving. According to SmartAsset, about 95% of Americans spend the holiday with family, but that still leaves 5% who don't gather around the dinner table on that November Thursday. In recent years, the ethics of the holiday have also been brought into question, per Vogue, leading some to forego celebrating altogether.

With that said, there are still a number of stores that operate on Thanksgiving. Some grocery stores choose to open early in the day for people looking for last-minute ingredients. And you might be surprised to learn that a number of fast-food restaurants are open on the holiday as well — including McDonald's.

McDonald's is open on Thanksgiving

There is hardly a day when you can't stop and grab a burger from your local Mickey D's (McDonald's ice cream machines are a different story, though). This year, according to The World and Then Some, your local McDonald's will be open on Thanksgiving. However, McDonald's FAQ says to be aware that each restaurant is a franchise, meaning the eateries have individual owners. For this reason, the actual hours are subject to change at each location. If you're craving some McNuggets, you'll have to check your local store's hours to make sure they've chosen to remain open or at least haven't closed before you could get there.

Should your local McDonald's be closed, there are plenty of other fast food options for you to indulge in on Thanksgiving. Per The World and Then Some, Subway has you covered if you're craving a sandwich. For a burger and fries, Wendy's and Burger King will both be serving. Those craving their morning cup of coffee can stop into Dunkin', too.