Walmart Just Slashed The Prices Of These Pioneer Woman Products

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Trying to find a bargain on anything during the age of inflation is difficult. Gas prices around the United States are lurking somewhere near $4 per gallon, which the Energy Information Administration shows as the nearly the highest it's been in more than 20 years. Leuthold Group chief investment strategist Jim Paulsen says (via Yahoo! News) that consumer "confidence has been destroyed." 

As consumer confidence is a major determining factor in how well the business sector is doing, according to Morning Consult, low confidence is bad news for businesses. This means that many companies are scrambling to either get customers or to retain the ones they have. Another report from CBS News says that multiple retailers are cutting prices to the bone in order to try to drive in business as the U.S. heads into the holiday season.

Target is one of the major retailers mentioned as reducing prices fast and furiously. That store has already rolled out its "Deal Days," so says the website, which cuts prices by 50% in some cases. Amazon is also offering its Prime Early Access Sale, which includes huge price reductions on some items. Not to be outdone, Walmart is joining the sales fray, and it's starting with some of Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman items. Fans of the down-to-earth chef would be wise to make a note.

Pioneer Woman gear can be had for pioneer-era prices (or at least less money)

Though Walmart hasn't been crowing about the sale, Ree Drummond's website clued everyone in to the price cuts going on. "Great bakeware is an essential for any home cook," said Drummond, per the Pioneer Woman website. And right now, her Walmart line of cookie sheets, mixing bowls, cake pans, and various other odds and ends have been priced down by up to 27% to help fans gear up for making a holiday feast.

Drummond's cookware has been called "beautiful and solid," as well as "sturdy," by reviewers on the Walmart website. (Be aware, though — some fans say to avoid Drummond's nonstick pans.)

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are massive food celebrations. This can be good news for the person who already has everything they need to cook a gourmet meal, but many of us need a lot of kitchen equipment to ensure we can whip up a passable figgy pudding or roast something more complicated than chestnuts. If you're in that boat, Walmart's Pioneer Woman bargains could come in handy.