This Incredible Frozen Pizza Section Has Twitter In Pieces

If you're strapped for time when making a meal, frozen pizzas are often deemed to be an especially easy and extremely convenient solution. The pre-made, ready-to-pop-into-the-oven meals can be eaten for lunch, dinner, or even as a mid-day snack. Because of how easy frozen pizzas are to make and eat, Americans spend over $4 billion on frozen pizza every year, averaging around 3 billion frozen pizzas consumed (via Dog Town Pizza).

Because of this, we've had to do some taste-testing for ourselves to see which frozen pizzas are worth dishing out the cash for and which ones to avoid altogether. One thing is for sure: There is a nearly infinite set of frozen pizza brands out there. In fact, we've ranked many of these frozen pizzas from worst to best. Luckily, even with all these options, you can almost immediately find your favorite brand scattered among all the others in the frozen food section of your local grocery store. 

However, not every grocery store is the same. In fact, there's one grocery store that makes sure you have an abundance of frozen pizzas to choose from for all your at-home pizza craving needs. Just make sure that you give yourself enough freezer space for what you buy.

Stacks on stacks on stacks of frozen pizza

Is anyone up for a frozen pizza? Maybe 10? What about 100 pizzas? Or, even better, 1,000 pizzas? Is there really a cap to the number of frozen pizzas one could ever want and wish for? If you're wanting to stockpile your supply of frozen pizzas, you should head to Wisconsin. 

A new video recently posted on Twitter shows hefty stacks of frozen pizzas throughout several frozen aisles and chest freezers that literally keep on going... and going. The video now exceeds over 1.7 million views on the platform just because of how outrageous it really is. Many social media users were quick to crack jokes about the massive collection. For example, @ErieGreenDeep replied, "Grocery stores in Wisconsin are museums." Similarly, @KennyShirley wrote, "If every fridge door had 200 pizzas behind it, there would have been 2800 pizzas just in the row of fridges. Maybe double that for the whole section? Amazing."

While it is truly a wonderful sight, sadly it does not actually appear to be the norm of grocery stores in Wisconsin. As explained by another Twitter user who responded to the video, this is actually a Woodman's Market. According to @dstewart414, Woodman's Markets are "double the size and selection of any normal store," making them "absolute heaven on Earth of grocery stores." Still, it certainly seems like you can't go wrong with visiting a Woodman's frozen pizza selection.