Cards Against Humanity's Elusive Clam-O-Naise Is Now A Reality

Some of us have fond memories of sitting around a table with our closest, trusted friends playing Cards Against Humanity, partly shocked and partly delighted at the depravity and dark humor. The adult card game was a Kickstarter project founded in 2011 by Max Temkin and some of his friends (via Inc.). Since then, it has gone on to be featured on favorite party game lists (per Today) but has also stirred up some controversy. Some of the cards have been described as insensitive, transphobic, and racist (via Mic).

The popular card game is also known for its pranks and publicity stunts full of tongue-in-cheek social commentary (per Ranker). For Black Friday 2016, the company asked people to donate money to dig a hole at an undisclosed location. The digging of the dubbed "Holiday Hole" would go on as long as there were donations and continued until the end of the weekend (via NPR). A few years before that, they sold actual bull feces to 30,000 lucky Black Friday buyers, at $6 a pile (via Time). You may wonder why the company pulled these stunts and Temkin offers an answer. "We all really hate Black Friday, it's just kind of a horrible day."

The company seems to have no plans in stopping its pranks, however, and the latest is a bit on the milder side.

You can now buy a jar of Clam-O-Naise

If you've never actually heard of Clam-O-Naise, that's okay because it never actually existed. The idea came about during Black Friday 2021. The company paid Twitter users $5 each to tweet a doctored photo of a jar of Clam-O-Naise at Hellmann's Twitter account, asking them to bring back the condiment. The hashtag #BringBackCLAMONAISE trended, and that was it. Fast forward nearly a year, and you can now buy a jar of Clam-O-Naise (per The Takeout).

People have very strong opinions on both clams and mayonnaise, which is why putting them together might seem a bit off-putting. However, Cards Against Humanity's founders have assured the skeptics that the condiment is actually delicious. They worked with chefs and food scientists to create a Clams Casino-inspired "tangy, garlicky ... made with real clams" mayonnaise (via Cards Against Humanity). Inside each jar of Clam-O-Naise is a new pack of Cards Against Humanity cards, aptly named the Clam Pack.

You can buy the shelf-stable condiment with other Cards Against Humanity merchandise only at Target for $9.99.