The DIY Popeyes Breakfast Sandwich Instagram Is Hungry For

For many years, McDonald's was the lone fast-food restaurant serving breakfast, but now in 2022, it seems like practically every drive-thru is open during the morning hours. As Wide Open Eats notes, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, and even Subway are among the chains that have gotten on board the breakfast train over the course of the last few decades. But while that makes for plenty of options when it comes to figuring out where to grab a quick morning meal, there is one restaurant noticeably absent from the list: Popeyes. Or, at least, that's what we thought.

As it turns out, the Louisiana-based fried chicken chain does, in fact, have a breakfast menu filled with a number of classic southern faves like grits and, of course, chicken biscuits. However, the outlets actually serving them up are few and far between. HuffPost reports that a majority of the Popeyes locations with breakfast on the menu are in airports, though one Redditor spotted a stand-alone restaurant in Eatonton, GA that operates during the early hours of the day, meaning that, unless you're a frequent flyer, or happen to find yourself visiting the tiny Georgia town, you probably won't have too many opportunities to sink your teeth into one of the chain's breakfast delicacies. Fortunately, Popeyes has a solution for its patrons who crave its succulent chicken right after waking up: a DIY breakfast sandwich that has Instagram drooling.

Instagram wants Popeyes to add this PEC breakfast sandwich to the menu

Popeyes has once again generated some serious internet buzz over another crave-worthy sandwich. However, unlike the chain's infamous chicken sammie that debuted in 2019, this handheld isn't available in stores. Rather, a pit stop at Popeyes is just the first step to creating the scrumptious breakfast sando that was featured in a video posted to the eatery's Instagram page last month.

Inspired by New York's bacon, egg, and cheese — colloquially known as a BEC — the Popeyes, egg, and cheese, or PEC, first requires picking up an order of chicken tenders from the Louisiana chain. Once your tendies are in hand, head out to your local bodega, where the cook will hopefully pile your chicken onto a bagel or bread roll along with some freshly made eggs and melty cheese, thus creating the monstrous PEC breakfast sandwich. "If your local bodega won't make it, you can do it at home," Popeyes explained in the caption, which is exactly what a few Instagrammers planned on doing after watching the clip.

"Definitely buying some to make it for breakfast tomorrow morning," one Instagrammer commented. "I never knew how badly I needed Popeyes for breakfast," quipped another fan, while others begged the chain to start serving the PEC sandwich itself. "Simply add it to your menu," a third Instagrammer wrote. With a little more time, maybe Popeyes will abide.