Ree Drummond's Husband Just Threw Major Shade At Her 'Bar Habit'

Living life as the spouse of a celebrity chef seems like it would be a dream come true. In theory, the chef would always be trying out new recipes, so you'd always have lots of new, delicious food to sample. They'd have plenty of money, which means you could buy all the Hummel figurines your heart desires. Plus, you'd get invited to all the swankiest parties, like the opening of the Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington, which sounded like a major barn burn, according to Star New Online.

The truth of being a celebrity chef's spouse isn't always glitz, glamor, and goulash. Sometimes, while your beloved cook is on TV, you have to dress up in a costume in order to appear on their show and ensure they aren't making out with their contestants. Then, there's also the risk of being divorced or cheated on, as happened with the wives of Colonel Sanders, the original celebrity chef.

Marriage is tough, and when celebrity is added to the mix, it doesn't usually get easier. One need only look at the list of celebrity chefs involved in shady relationships to see how much can go wrong when love, food, and the limelight all meet. However, sometimes a couple manages to find the humor in their situation, and can keep life light even as they bask in the white-hot spotlight.

The Pioneer Woman's sister promises to bring a lot more party and maybe some drama

Ladd Drummond, the Pioneer Woman's husband, seems like the perfect mate for Ree Drummond. Throughout his spouse's career, Ladd has been a quietly supportive force, probably because he fell in love with Ree just two weeks into their courtship. He's a salt-of-the-earth rancher, affectionately called the Marlboro Man, who normally doesn't do much to garner attention. However, when he does, it's marvelously entertaining.

In a preview for the newest season of "The Pioneer Woman" on Instagram, Ree is discussing with Ladd how it is to have Ree's sister, Betsy, around more. For the upcoming season, Ree and Betsy are renovating a house together, according to People, which means Betsy has darkened the Drummond's doorway more often. In his typical low-key but honest style, Ladd remarked that having Betsy around was "Good," before adding, "Y'all need to go to the bar a little less." This quickly sent Ree into a fit of giggles. "You're developing a bar habit with your sister, I don't know why," finished Ladd.

"We went to the bar a couple times," Ree replied. Ladd then began to explain that "in the previous 26 years, 0 bar goings. Since Betsy's been back, there's been at least three bar goings." While this might be a negative, it also means the addition of Betsy should be a whole lot of fun.