TikTok Is Questioning This Taco Bell Meat Lovers Burrito Concept

Did you know that over 2 billion people eat at Taco Bell every year (via Beef 2 Live)? While this statistic is large, it's not especially surprising when you consider the wide reach of this particular fast-food company. 

According to Yum! Brands, Taco Bell's parent company, there are over 7,000 Taco Bell restaurants spread across every state in the United States. There are also hundreds of restaurants outside the United States spread throughout nearly 30 countries around the world. Needless to say, Taco Bell has served billions of customers their so-called "fourth meal of the day at 2 a.m." for decades.

With all those customers to feed, the company has had quite the uphill battle when it comes to developing new menu items to keep customers coming back. Once Taco Bell's breakfast menu arrived in 2014, the demand continued to increase, and Taco Bell was forced to get innovative with its food offerings. While that usually happens at the creative corporate level undergoing a series of market analysis taste tests and improvements, employees are the ones actually in the kitchen making the food. 

With the rise of video-based platforms like TikTok, food workers have gotten creative over the past years, conjuring up new recipes in the kitchen for customers to try once they swing back through the drive-thru. Some are hits and others are misses. What could sound good on paper and even to one person could totally miss the point for the majority.

Meat lovers taco minus the love

What could have been a shoo-in new favorite order for Taco Bell lovers everywhere is, unfortunately, falling short of winning everyone over. 

In a new video posted on TikTok, a Taco Bell employee makes what he calls the "Meat Lovers Burrito." The video shows the employee claiming to put "every meat" Taco Bell has inside. However, as noted by many TikTok users, the employee only adds steak, chicken, and beef. If you're a loyal Taco Bell customer, then you know the restaurant also has a heavy supply of sausage and bacon available. As a result, it's not really "every meat" available. The Meat Lovers Burrito is then topped with sour cream, three-cheese shredded cheese, and jalapeños before it is grilled.

Seeing through its lack of love when it comes to meat, TikTok wasn't impressed. Unsurprisingly, every "good idea" has an army of social media users ready to pounce and critique anything you say, and this idea was no exception. In response, @goggles1199 sarcastically commented, "'Every meat that they have.' Three different meats." In another reply, @dummythiccchickenstrips was more straight and to the point, asking, "Where's the bacon and sausage??"  

Other commenters more closely targeted the lack of variety in the suggested recipe. "You should put like beans or something so it doesn't seem like your biting into a sock," said another unsatisfied Taco Bell TikToker. "'Spice it up with sour cream.' Literally the opposite of spicing it up," complained yet another user. 

While the Meat Lovers Burrito sounds like a good concept, it would appear that it ultimately didn't live up to the expectations of seasoned Taco Bell customers.