Twitter Is Furious About This McDonald's Remodel

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed "updated" McDonald's locations being remodeled and popping up throughout the world. In fact, it's estimated that a new McDonald's location opens every 14.5 hours (via Spoon University). That's a lot of Big Macs to be making every day and new ice cream machines that (hopefully) actually work when they're supposed to. With all these new locations being built, you would think the company would have ample opportunity to design some really cool locations for its restaurants. Unfortunately, that appears to be the opposite of what is happening. 

Once boasting original branding and mascots (we'll never forget you Ronald McDonald) has quickly — yet quietly — been switched to a standardization model. As a child, you might remember uniquely designed McDonald's PlayPlaces and sit-in dining rooms, so every location you went to offered up a new experience. Now, McDonald's is focusing on branding more for adults, with locations being remodeled into cookie-cutter, bland, neutral-colored buildings (via Vox).

Obviously, this is going to ruffle some feathers and make some customers upset. Even with the company trying to cater more toward an adult audience, you would think that keeping some kid-friendly branding in places would make sense. According to Twitter, apparently not.

Zoo-themed McDonald's will be deforested

Believe it or not, there's only several dozens of non-standard McDonald's locations around the world. Less and less are standing every year due to the company's desire to standardize and update locations. Because of how few are left, there's actually a whole Twitter account dedicated to showcasing these well-thought out and originally designed McDonald's locations just because they seem few and far between. 

According to Nonstandard McDonald's on Twitter, one of the McDonald's locations in Dallas, Texas is currently in the midst of being remodeled. The location in question is zoo and jungle themed. The Dallas Morning News confirmed the remodel will bring a modern look to the restaurant. Twitter is, of course, furious at the loss of the jungle-themed architecture. "Damn. RIP. They'll never let the beauty stay, they always rip away the truth to make us wallow in the crud," commented one person. "Why are buildings not allowed to be fun anymore?" declared another.

It is indeed a sad and bleak day for McDonald's customers in Dallas.