This Trader Joe's In South Carolina Isn't What You Think It Is

When you move into a new neighborhood, you probably look on Google Maps to see what new businesses, restaurants, bars, and grocery stores are around you. Sometimes, a new state will serve up a whole new set of grocery store and restaurant chains you may have never heard of before, making the move all the more exciting.

If you find yourself in a new neighborhood and see Trader Joe's on the map, you'd probably be excited to stock your new fridge with your first set of groceries in your new house. With over 500 Trader Joe's retail locations in the United States, you usually won't be too far away from one (via Scrape Hero).

With the grocery chain boasting a number of unique offerings, it has gained quite a bit of cult followings with some of its products. From the Everything but the Bagel Seasoning, Cauliflower Gnocchi, Mandarin Orange Chicken, Candy Cane Joe-Joe's, and more, it is understandable that seeing a Trader Joe's location on the map near you could spark some excitement.

This was the case in a Charleston, South Carolina district when Trader Joe's appeared on the map. Once TJ fans arrived at the location, though, it wasn't what they expected.

A Trader Joe's furniture store

Sure, Trader Joe's might have some amazing food products stocked on its shelves, but what if you could get your furniture and groceries all in one go? At the first glance of this Charleston, South Carolina Trader Joe's, you might be fooled to think this. Unfortunately, though, it seems there's another business sporting the same name.

According to TikTok, there's a Trader Joe's located in West Ashley, a district of Charleston, but instead of being the usual grocery store, it sells furniture. The video shows a point-of-view of what driving past this Trader Joe's location looks like. "RIP to everyone in Charleston who has accidentally navigated to THIS Trader Joe's," captioned the video.

With the same name, it seems like it has fooled quite a bit of people. "Omg that happened to me when I first moved here. Lmao," commented one TikToker. "HAHAHA I live right by this one and before we moved we were so hype when we saw trader joe's on the map," said another person.

Although this isn't a Trader Joe's grocery store location, there actually is a true Trader Joe's located near Charleston. "There's one in Mount Pleasant!" someone posted in the thread. If you're looking to snag your TJ groceries near Charleston, just make sure to navigate to the grocery store and not the TJ furniture store.